We hear it everywhere, all the time, constantly.

It’s now baked into movies and tv shows with humor.

The LA woke with their crystals, mantras, and gurus.

The elite successful coaches with their spiritual six figure incomes and promises that you can have what they have too.

The trendy psychedelic weekend trips to obtain higher consciousness and open the mind to greater awareness.

The oracle readings. Astrology charts. Reiki sessions. Weekly calls with your psychic. Naked dance circles.

I’ve done ALL of these things.

All of them have been important and powerful.

And yet, they’re not the answer.

They hold no answers. These things hold no higher consciousness. They only reflect us back to ourselves.

We are left still feeling broke, lonely, and fucked up, with no more answers than before.

It’s becoming very clear to me that I’m TIRED AS FUCK of all this striving for higher vibes, higher consciousness, and higher love.

Since when has descent been villainized?

Since when have we put more value on flying than walking in the sweet, supple ground of our BEing?

Since when have we abandoned the tender, raw, loving ocean of our hearts to gain higher ground?

I don’t want to ascend. I don’t want higher consciousness. I don’t want to go looking for answers that can never be given.

To BE ALIVE is to be in question.

To be AWAKE is to feel it all and love it all without looking for an escape hatch.

We are forgetting that our pain, heartbreak, sadness, and longing are part of the tender dance of Life.

We forget that to be on our knees with our faces pressed into the earth, naked before God and humble in our stature, is the sweetest place to be.

Because here, held at the bottom, we are wide open. The mysteries are revealed to us only when we stop trying to fix, change, or heal.

You are healed the moment you realize there’s nothing to heal.

Ascension follows deep rooting. You can’t have one without the other.




Personally, I am exhausted by what I’m calling “Ascension Culture”. The time for self-improvement, tracking goals, and looking outside ourselves for how to tune into our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls is over.

It’s time to descend…

DESCEND into our hearts

DESCEND into our deepest longings

DESCEND into the wisdom of our bodies

DESCEND into the arms of nature and the natural rhythms of life

DESCEND into the essence of our BEing

DESCEND into remembering who we are


We do this through our daily habits. We do this through approaching the small, seemingly insignificant things as sacred openings into connection with the wonder and awe of this one precious life.

You can trust yourself. You can trust your heart to guide you. You don’t have to do it alone.

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