You have to BE before you can know what to DO. Only then you can act according to your inner guidance. This will lead you to HAVE a life in alignment with your true, authentic nature.

Let yourself Be

Meditation is meant to help you tap into the peace and stillness already inside you. There are as many different ways to meditate as there are people. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just let yourself BE. Start by reading these simple suggestions and see what resonates.


You know what to do

Life can be busy and stressful. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and anxious. You want to slow down and honor your needs, but it can be hard. Meditation helps you connect with your true self and deep sense of inner calm. It doesn’t have to be hard. This gentle, self-paced meditation course guides the way.


Have Peace

Peace comes from within. It’s what you want and it’s right there inside you. Release anxiety and connect with your inner stillness through meditation. Be your own guide and create your own mediation practice based on your ever-changing needs. Our guided meditations are a good support.



Take it from those who have been there…

These meditations have been very helpful during a difficult time in my life and have provided a wonderful sense of tranquility. I have a more positive attitude toward myself and improved ability to meditate independently. I love having theses meditations in my wellness ‘toolbox’.

–Steve Rosen

The meditations in this e-course have been very helpful. For the first time in my life, I am trying to get in touch with myself. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. This course helped me let things unfold in their own time as well as experience deeper healing. Thank you!


I absolutely loved this half-day retreat. It was a totally no pressure, relaxing introduction to meditation for me. Jessica is like the good Martha Stewart of meditation. She thinks of everything, makes sure everyone is comfortable, and makes the day informative and wonderful.

–Susan M.

My favorite guided meditation is the Gratitude meditation. When I have negative feelings about my body, this meditation helps me take pause and be grateful for my healthy body instead of wishing unrealistic changes upon myself.

-Sam R.

This is a powerful e-course weaving meditation and self-exploration. The use of storytelling and invitation to explore one’s own stories set the stage for developing a wonderful meditation practice and self-care.

–Michelle GD

These meditations give me an opportunity to take time for myself in a way that never seemed possible in my busy life. By getting ‘me time’ on the calendar, it helps me follow through on making self-reflection a priority.

–Evann R.