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My name is Jessica Amos. I’m the founder and creator of Stay with Yourself: The Practice of BEing who you are, where you are.

I’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of students + clients from around the world, helping them heal from within, trust their own inner wisdom, and create a life they are deeply happy to be living.

Through the power of acceptance and non-judgment, my teachings are heartfelt and conversational – fueled by my desire for you to feel like you are connecting intimately with a safe and trustworthy friend.

That’s why I created these online courses, classes and retreats, 1-on-1 coaching program, meditation kits, and helpful articles with so much love and intention.

You are valuable and worthy of love, always.

I love reminding you of this by sending monthly emails with encouraging words, thoughtful stories, soulful offerings, and joy-filled musings. If you like the sound of that, sign-up to receive emails in the box at the bottom of this page.

I’m so glad you are here!

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VIRTUAL MEDITATION RETREAT for Deep Inner Peace + Restoration

Saturday, December 3 | 11am-3pm PST | via Zoom

You can experience the holidays with love, joy, and lightness of heart without all the stress and anxiety usually associated with the season. This deeply peaceful and restorative half-day meditation retreat will guide you through the many layers of your heart, body, and mind to the place deep within you that is all-knowing, deeply peaceful, and flowing with endless love, joy, and delight.



Resonance Yoga Collective | Salem, OR | Sliding Scale

In these 1-hour guided meditation classes in Salem, Oregon you will connect with the peace, clarity and joy already inside you.

You will learn to listen to your inner wisdom, practice self-compassion, reframe your personal narrative, and create lasting changes in your life through present-moment awareness. Register in advance at Resonance Yoga Collective to reserve your spot.