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The Practice of BEing who you are, where you are

To Stay with Yourself is a sacred, lifetime practice about coming back again and again to the center of your own heart.

This is your invitation to put yourself back at the center of your life.

Every mindfulness course, community gathering, retreat, coaching program, meditation kit, and article here have been created with the greatest love and intention.

This is your work to do, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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From my heart to yours,

Jessica Amos, founder


SACRED HABITS 7-week Community Sanctuary for Heartful Living

TBD | Online Program | $345

During Sacred Habits you will receive weekly prerecorded video lessons, suggested assignments, reflective prompts for diving deeper into your heart, and much more to bring you FULLY ALIVE to yourself and your life through deeply nourishing daily habits.

There will also be live community Zoom calls and access to our private online Sanctuary on Circle where you can connect with other kindred spirits throughout the 7 weeks, and beyond.