Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you here.

Hello :) I’m Jessica Amos, founder and creator of Stay with Yourself: The Practice of BEing who you are, where you are.

As a Soul Docent, Mindfulness Teacher, and Punk Rocker, I have worked with hundreds of thousands of students + clients worldwide with a singular purpose: To help you feel connected to yourself, and your life, in deeply soulful ways beyond your greatest imagining. 

The practice of learning to Stay with Yourself is a sacred, lifetime commitment that will guide you to the center of your own heart, reveal your primal yearnings, and invite you to step into the wild unknown of a Soul-led life.

The best part about learning to Stay with Yourself is that it feels like a sweet, long awaited homecoming.

Through the power of acceptance and non-judgment, the teachings and guidance you’ll find through all my offerings are heartfelt and conversational – fueled by my desire for you to feel like you are connecting intimately with a safe and trustworthy friend.

That’s why I created these online courses, classes and retreats, 1-on-1 coaching program, meditation kits, and helpful articles with so much love and intention.

You are valuable and worthy of feeling FULLY ALIVE in all areas of your life!

I love reminding you of this by sending monthly emails with encouraging words, thoughtful stories, soulful offerings, and joy-filled musings. If you like the sound of that, sign-up to receive emails in the box at the bottom of this page.

I’m so glad you are here!

From my heart to yours,



Sacred Habits

SACRED HABITS 7-week Community Sanctuary for Heartful Living

Starts Monday, March 27th | limited seating | $345

During Sacred Habits you will receive new content every Monday with a prerecorded video, easy-access links, reflective prompts for diving deeper into your heart, and suggested assignments to bring you MORE ALIVE to yourself and your life through sacred daily habits.

There will also be bonus live community Zoom calls and you will have access to our private online Sanctuary on Circle where you can connect with other like-hearted kindred spirits throughout the 7 weeks, and beyond.


SPRING HALF-DAY Meditation Retreat

Saturday, May 20 | 12am-4pm | Salem, OR | $249

By the end of this retreat, you will feel lighter, replenished, and deeply nourished in your heart, mind, and body. You will feel more clear, open, expansive, and equipped to make choices in alignment with your highest good.

Meditation teacher, Jessica Amos, combines a mix of down-to-earth teachings and guided meditation practices to gently guide you to a blissful state of relaxation. You will be met with a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment where Jessica will carry the day so you don’t have to.


SUMMER AWAKENING {Virtual Half-Day Retreat}

Saturday, June 3 | 10am-2pm PST | via Zoom | $149*

SUMMER IS A LUXURIOUS SEASON of celebration, slowing down, and connecting more fully to the deepest desires of your heart…

During this 4-hour immersive experience, you will be guided in meditation and mindfulness practices designed to decompress your nervous system, free your mind from worry, and tap into the warm devotion of your heart. You will learn what it means to ‘stay with yourself’, as well as a number of other practices for creating a strong sense of trust, safety, and aliveness within yourself at all times.

*Use promo code SUMMER30 for $30 off at checkout



Resonance Yoga Collective | Salem, OR | Sliding Scale

In these 1-hour guided meditation classes in Salem, Oregon you will connect with the peace, clarity and joy already inside you.

You will learn to listen to your inner wisdom, practice self-compassion, reframe your personal narrative, and create lasting changes in your life through present-moment awareness. Register in advance at Resonance Yoga Collective to reserve your spot.