:: 5-Week Community Sanctuary for Heartful Living

This is not your typical ‘Habits Building’ Program…

Sacred Habits teaches adequacy, enoughness and self-love through habit-creation. You’ll explore your inner world with curiosity, begin to notice your patterns, look at why you struggle to stick with habits you know are good for you, and learn to create heart-led habits.

The biggest difference between SACRED HABITS and other ‘habit building’ programs is that most programs look to change just your behavior without examining whether a specific habit is the ‘right’ habit for you. It’s a subtle way to keep you in a cycle of shame and self-judgement, never changing, feeling stuck.

Through my One-Habit-At-a-Time Method, you will find the perfect habit to help you achieve the inner (+ outer) experience you desire. (Hint: it’s probably not the habit you think it should be.)


Sacred Habits is a 5-week community journey…

Starting the day you sign up, you’ll get access to our online community app. From there you will see instructions on how to get started.

Weekly content includes: prerecorded video, reflective prompts for diving deeper into your heart, and suggested practices to bring you more alive to yourself and your life through sacred daily habits.

Live community Zoom calls every week according to best days/times for the current cohort. We will discuss the week’s theme, ask questions, and share our hearts in real time.

Access to our private Community Sanctuary on Circle where you can connect with other like-hearted kindred spirits throughout the program, and beyond.

WE START APRIL 20, 2024!


Pre-work: Pick Your Habit
Week 1: Luxury + Ease
Week 2: Essence Pace
Week 3: Self-Compassion
Week 4: Death + Rebirth
Week 5: Do the Damn Thing
Bonus: The Holy Doorway


  • tangible, action-based
  • daily self-care
  • joy-filled, fulfilling
  • heart-connected, creative
  • mentally and physically supportive
  • spiritually and emotionally connecting
  • focused on community support + sharing


Are you an Artist? Mystic? Free-thinker?

Artists + Creatives: You have a deep and urgent longing to create and offer your creation to the world. You desire to make the world a more beautiful, joyful, and more welcoming place through your art. Yet you struggle to show up consistently to create what’s in your heart to make. Sacred Habits will guide you in how to “do the damn thing already!” through simple, no-brainer daily actions that feed your deepest longings to create. (Applies to business startup as well).

Mystics + Spiritualists: Your ability to commune with God – the unnamable, unknowable source of Life Itself – is where you find the most connection in your daily life, but it sometimes feels like all the earthbound tasks, to-dos, and demands keep you from the life you really want. Sacred Habits helps you connect with God through the holy doorway of habits as prayer, so you can worship at the alter of dirty dishes.

Rebels + Free-Thinkers: You are likely tired of all the step-by-step, packaged programs that reduce the complexities and richness of your daily life into a flimsy beige box. However, your rebellious nature often blocks you from doing what you truly, deeply want.  Sacred Habits honors your free expression by helping remove these blocks and tap into structures/mindsets that support your personal wellness without compromising your sense of individually and freedom.


  • Live community calls (recorded)
  • Weekly video lessons
  • Weekly suggested practices
  • 5 weeks of self-love
  • 30+ reflective prompts
  • 24/7 access to online community sharing
  • Screensavers for phone, tablet, + desktop (one for each week)
  • extensive resource library (books, music, recipes + more)
  • downloadable Master Workbook of the entire course


We start April 20th!

Lifetime Access ($525) | Payment Plans


A new way of connecting with yourself...

divine connection

awakening to awe and wonder

 intimate communion with your soul

prayer in the mundanities of daily living

nectar of creative flow and inspiration

doorway into the depths of your heart

communication with your deep inner knowing

pathway to health in all four quadrants of your life


This is about ACTION. But not just any action…

SACRED HABITS feeds your heart, mind, body, and soul.

When you transform even one small habit in your daily life, everything else in your life aligns itself to the new flow of aliveness you have created.

It becomes the fulfillment of everything you’ve been wanting for yourself.


Ready for more self-love?

I created Sacred Habits because I got tired of seeing my clients and students beat themselves up about not doing the things they ‘know they should do’ in order to feel better about themselves, and their lives.

The world is full of ideas and opinions about what you should be doing to improve your life. But the truth is, no one knows what you need better than you.

The first step is to listen from within. The second step is to take action. As a coach, that’s what I help my clients do.

But not everyone can hire a private coach. So, I asked myself, “What’s the next best thing I can do to help more people create lasting change?” The answer was Sacred Habits Community Sanctuary!

I hope you’ll join us! xo – Jessica, Founder


When you know, you know it in your bones.


We start April 20th!

Lifetime Access ($525) | Payment Plans


Kind words from Sacred Habits alumni…


Yes! Sacred Habits isn’t just about being in a ‘good place’ with your habits, it’s about being in a good place with yourself, your life, and with others. If you want to feel more deeply connected to your habits and invite your habits to bring you a greater sense of joy, peace, and aliveness in your daily life, this program is for you!

Yes! The live calls are a fun part of the program, but they’re not central to the power of this program. The most important thing about Sacred Habits is that you are engaging with a habit that brings you alive in your daily life and helps you feel more deeply connected to yourself. Having a supportive community around you helps amplify this process, which is why you will have access to our online community forum and deep-dive content to engage with anytime, anywhere, 24/7. So, if you miss one call (or all), that’s okay. Live calls are recorded. You can watch them replays in your own time.

As a busy woman myself, I completely understand the dilemma of wanting to join a transformative program like Sacred Habits, but not wanting the burden of yet another obligation on my already too long to-do list! So, I’ll just say this… it gets to be easy. It gets to be enjoyable. You get to put yourself back on your list of priorities, and maybe even bump yourself to the top of the list from time to time!

I suggest you watch a few of the testimonial videos (above) from alumni of the program, especially Blaine, who shares how she explicitly joined Sacred Habits during one of the busiest times in her life because she wanted to learn to prioritize herself while being busy. Otherwise, what’s the point?

You will have lifetime access to all Sacred Habits content, materials, and community spaces. Your lifetime access also allows you to participate in all future sessions of Sacred Habits.

Yes! You have three payment options. See your options here.

The day/time of the weekly calls varies with each new cohort of the program. We try to be flexible and accommodating by scheduling calls on an evening and/or weekend morning. Picture either happy hour vibes or weekend coffee date :) We like to keep it casual and easy to join.

Also, the best part? We welcome you to join the live calls anytime during the call. Drop in at the beginning, middle, or end. Stay the whole time, or just for a few minutes. Join on-the-go, between meetings, or wearing your pajamas in bed! This gets to be easy. Show up as you are, as you can!

Sacred Habits is hosted on a community platform called Circle. You can access the platform from your desktop browser, or via the Circle app for your tablet and smartphone. We specifically chose Circle because of its simple, easy-to-use design as well as it’s focus on community-first. When you join the Sacred Habits, you’ll see that we’ve created a robust onboarding process with step-by-step instructions on how to get started and where to go next. We want you to feel welcome and at home in this space. Please reach out if you need extra support!


Keep reading...

Personally, I am exhausted by what I’m calling “Ascension Culture”. The time for self-improvement, tracking goals, and looking outside ourselves for how to tune into our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls is over.

It’s time to descend…

DESCEND into our hearts

DESCEND into our deepest longings

DESCEND into the wisdom of our bodies

DESCEND into the arms of nature and the natural rhythms of life

DESCEND into the essence of our BEing

DESCEND into remembering who we are


We do this through our daily habits. We do this through approaching the small, seemingly insignificant things as sacred openings into connection with the wonder and awe of this one precious life.

You can trust yourself. You can trust your heart to guide you. You don’t have to do it alone.


Get Rooted. Join us!

Lifetime Access ($525) | Payment Plans