To indulge in the nectar of life without trying to escape…

To drink from the well of fulfillment but not have fulfillment be the goal…

To bathe in sensuality and the Aliveness of Living in ALL areas of life…

This is a journey of self-love, self-compassion, self-care.

So often our brains lag in leading us because our brains were not me meant to lead us.

Changing your thoughts alone is not going to change your actual LIVED EXPERIENCE.

The best way to make changes is through CHANGING YOUR ACTIONS.

Your mind will follow. Guaranteed.

It’s an “act as if“ sort of philosophy…

ACT AS IF you love yourself

TALK to yourself as if you love yourself

TREAT yourself as if you love yourself

Go through the motions of whatever it is you think self-love looks like — the motions of whatever it is you see a healthy life to be.

To go through the motions you don’t have to love it. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to feel anything about or try to get your mind on board.

When you start to “act as if” you care for yourself, you send powerful messages to your brain that will change your neurological chemistry faster than if you just think new thoughts, read more books, or talk to your astrologer.

This is very, very powerful medicine.

Creating SACRED HABITS that feed your heart, mind, body, and soul, is powerful medicine because it’s about ACTION.

But not just any action. This is HEART-LED ACTION.

Because when you transform even one small habit in your daily life, everything else in your life aligns itself to the new FLOW OF ALIVENESS you have created.

It’s the coolest shit I’ve ever experienced, and it gets to FEEL GOOD, like the fulfillment of everything you’ve been wanting for yourself.

You’re not the only one craving this DEEP INTIMACY WITH LIFE through daily living.

That’s why I’m creating a community sanctuary space for us to take heart-led action together.



Practical support.

Action as prayer.

Yes? Me too :)

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