Hello. How are you? What secrets are you holding in your heart today?

How are you nurturing these private moments with yourself? Where are you finding God, beauty, love, and belonging?

Is it with yourself, in small, intimate moments?

Do you feel this intimacy in your breathing? Do you feel form longing for formless in your every movement?

Does your voice rise from you in blessing of all creation?

What songs are swelling in your heart to be heard?

I ask you these questions because these are the questions I am asking myself as I spend increasingly more time in meditation, stillness, and solitude.

It’s sometimes very difficult for me to stay still, allowing the rise and fall of my thoughts, emotions, sensations, and phenomena to come and go.

The world feels like it has changed but what is actually happening is a shifting of perception. What has remained hidden and ignored can no longer hide in the shadows. 

Illumination is happening for each of us, and our fellow humans are mirrors reflecting our perceptions back to us.

We can either dance with the shadows, knowing they are illusion – a light show put on by the heavens.

Or we can continue to project our fears outward, never turning within to dance with the truth of our BEing.

What do you choose?

As some of your know, I released a new Shadow Work Toolkit for Deep Inner Healing course on Insight Timer a few weeks ago, and lawd! does it have me on my knees.

Not only am I going even deeper into this work, I feel increasingly more comfortable, supported, and at home in the shadowlands of Life and my self.

I can’t express enough how powerful, freeing, and transformative it is to slow down, turn off the noise, and sit with your pain.

It’s truly the most nourishing, loving, and provocative experience we could ask for in this life.

Will you go there?

Here is a gorgeous short story a client-turned-friend sent me after she went deep into one of the shadow work practices I teach in my new course.

This story reflects the immense power of choosing to stay with yourself and sit with your pain. The wholeness that emerges on the other side is what I hear in these words…

MY NAME IS by Robyn Saunders

As you go deeper into yourself you will come in contact with the thrill of Life Itself spontaneously happening in every particle of creation.

For me, I’m being asked if I can cast my heart into the fire of the void and let every part of me be born anew in each moment.

It’s nearly impossible to write or speak of because there’s this place under all the illusions of harm that gives rise to my intense longing for Life Itself.



From my private journals…

Can I be made to wait? Can I hold myself, right here, and relax and be excited and WAIT?!

Can I enjoy the anticipation and longing, urges and desires? The WANTING?

Can I sit with all the little and big, tiny, miniscule, and grand gestures – the WOOing that is taking place in every part of my life?

This DESIRE that is not attached to, or associated, with any one human… It’s beyond human, and utterly human all at once.

This heat and fire in me attracts more of the same, and this new illumination casts big shadows, revealing to me my own reflection.

How can I not love the play of light dancing across the inner walls of my BEing?
How can I not laugh and dance with them?
Or let their dancing woo me to sleep?

Everything is real. It all exists. It’s all part of Creative Energy, and her lover, Infinite Consciousness, making love in every particle of creation.

I fear it, but trust is what creates DARING.

How much do I DARE to look into the eyes of God?

Can I bear it? Can I stand it? Live in it?

Yes, I know I can, because I feel it IN me, as Me, just as it is everything…

Closer than breath. Always here. Never ending. Incalculable, but not beyond my daring.

Help me. Show me. Reveal your secrets.

I wait.
I want.
I long for.
I desire.

All of it.
Every drop.
I am IT.

Sending you love with all my heart…

xo – Jessica

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