I’m at home today. Same as almost every other day of my life.

I work from home. I live from home. I raise my kids from home. I meet with clients from home. I teach classes and livestreams from home. I cry from home. I laugh from home. I am allll the things from home.

And now, I am writing you from HOME.

My first thought was to jump in here with you and talk about how both Facebook and Instagram aren’t working today, and since that’s where I spend most of my time interacting with other humans, it has left me with a big much-needed and welcome GAP in my daily social media routine.

But instead of going into a conversation about social media, it feels much more grounding to talk about HOME.

Home is where your heart is.
Home is wherever you go.
Home is where your story begins.
Home is where you rest your head.

You are home. And Home is everything for us as humans.

Home is our sanctuary, our safe place, our meditation room, our mosh pit, our Life’s Work.

I mean this literally and metaphorically.

Imagine the home of your DREAMS – the landscape, decor, size, shape, feel, scents, furniture, food, atmosphere, plants, and other humans – and let yourself sink into this image.

Everything you desire in a physical home (ie: how and where and with whom you want to live on this planet), is a reflection of your inner landscape.

Imagine your breath like the breeze that blows through the tall trees and low grasses surrounding your dream home.

Imagine your heart like the sun beating down on your little slice of Home Heaven, warming you and pouring affirmations of life upon you.

Imagine the blood that flows through your veins like rivers running from high snow covered mountains down to the sea.

Imagine your bones like strong mountains and your skin like desert sand dunes.

Breathe yourself in and out. Let the imagery of LIFE enter you. Invite emotions to rise. Surrender, as every cell in your body opens up to the miracle of Life that surrounds you.

This is the practice of connecting with HOME.

Home within. Home without. 

Be at rest within the home of yourself. Let your bones get heavy. Let your sofa HOLD you.

Let yourself be held by the stillness of the room, and objects around you. Let yourself be rocked by your ever-present breath. Let yourself be comforted by the beating of your heart and the on-going Presence of your Self as Life Itself.

You are the miracle. You are Home. I am Home.


“We are all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass


Dear friend, there’s a lot going on in the world – a lot of outside noise.

So, take time to connect with your Home. Step away from the outside noise. Enjoy the stillness and quiet. It’s more soothing than we often give it credit for.

May you find a bit of soothing silence and a deep sense of Home as you go throughout your day or night or afternoon.

Home is where the heart is (and your heart is where You are).

Sending you love today, and always.

xo – Jessica

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