Believe in Yourself

It’s been nearly two years since I walked away from a full-time job to start my own creative business. During this time I’ve been thrilled, terrified, broke, busy, happy, sad, at peace with my unpredictable profession, and scared again. I’ve vacillated between searching for a job and being too busy to answer emails. I’ve changed my business name once and my website design at least 10 times.

I’m getting better at believing in myself and the work that I do, but I often need reminders.

I’m a Creative Branding Designer and Freelance Writer/Photographer. I just came up with this title last week. During the past two years I’ve called myself a Content Strategist, Content Creator, Publisher, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Writer, Photographer, Artist, Marketing Strategist, Creativity Coach, Branding Consultant, and Marketing Consultant. I’ve added and taken away coaching as a service I offer at least three different times.

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you might think that I have it together all of the time. That’s not true. Here’s what I wrote in my journal…yesterday.

This weekend I accomplished and created a lot of stuff. I reached out to potential clients, finished two collages, started an abstract painting, wrote and art directed a freelance article, photographed boutiques for future features, and wrote and sent a newsletter.

I’m doing all the things, but I still feel scared.

My skills are constantly improving. I’m getting better at art, writing, graphic design, and photography.

But I’m still scared.

I have written the word “ABUNDANCE” and hung it over my desk. I’m getting positive feedback on my ideas and execution. I’m getting work.

I’m still scared that the next project won’t come in and that I’ll have to get “a job.”

Today I sit with uncertainty. I keep doing all the things. I work and walk through the fear. I believe in myself. I believe in abundance. I repeat this as my mantra so I won’t forget.

{Melanie Biehle is a creative branding designer, freelance writer and photographer, and artist. She tells stories through words, images, and design. Find out more about Melanie and her work at}
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