Wow. Hiiii :) I can’t believe it’s been three months since I’ve written to you here. This is such a deeply intimate space and it’s an honor occupy your attention for a few minutes.

You’ve been on my heart nearly everyday since I last wrote to you. I can’t say exactly what has stopped me from writing apart from feeling a deep sense of “not having the right words.”

So, here I am, with no “right” words and a heart full of longing to connect, which is why I told myself to just show the F up and say the Truest thing, trusting that what needs saying will arrive as it needs to.

The truth is, I’m feeling both tired, and extraordinarily energized at the same time, which is a bit confusing for my sensitive heart.

Mantras are a big part of how I rewrite my brain and shift into deeper, more peaceful energies. Here are a few I’ve been focused on lately…



For when I’m feeling anxious, out of control, and desperate to make the feelings go away:

“Breathe. Wait. Hold. Patience. Stop. Witness. Do not rush into anything. Let this play out. All will be revealed. Breathe. Wait. Hold. Patience.”


For when I begrudge doing something I’ve already committed to doing, or something basic like doing the dishes needs tending to:

“Devotion. I show up to this with devotion. Surrender. Relax. Let this be like prayer. Devote your heart to this task. Choose this choice. Devote yourself to your own life.”


For when I’m resistant to doing things I know are good for me, like moving my body everyday, speaking my truth, or being vulnerable -or- when I’m concerned with what others will think of me:

“Humility, dear heart. You are not too good for this. Make yourself like the ocean. Be the lowest point of contact for all rivers, streams, and lakes to flow into. You do not need to be liked. You do not need to be perfect. No one needs to witness you in order for you to feel special. Be humble like the ocean.”


For when my mind is racing and full of thoughts that cause worry, concern, mistrust, and foreboding:

“Peace. Peace is my birthright. Peace is my natural state of BEing. I am Peace. Peace dwells within me. Peace is who I am. Everything else is illusion.”

Patience for anxiety.
Devotion for daily life.
Humility for fear.
Peace for worry.

May these mantras be of use to you today. Feel free to make them your own by taking what resonates and leaving the rest.

Your truth is yours to live from, speak about, and honor with every part of your BEing.

I’m here if you need support, encouragement, or guidance. Helping you navigate and processes the workings of your heart, soul, and inner world are my life’s work. 

Please reach out if you need anything, ever.

In the meantime, I’m so grateful to be back here with you :) Sending so much love!

Sending you love today, and always. 

xo – Jessica

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