Dear friend,

As I sit here, shuffling things around on my desk, thinking about what I want to write, a teeny tiny spider just dropped down off the ceiling and landed directly in front of my keyboard.

It has now meandered over to my coffee mug, crawled all over the handle of my mug, and back down, and has now disappeared under the coaster.

Moments like this never cease to amaze me. 

I am reminded there is nothing to “think” about when it comes to sharing my heart with you.

This moment is my heart. This solitary moment of pause is everything right now.

After just returning from a week away, solo traveling through Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, New Mexico, I am struck by how essential solitude is for my wellbeing.

Not just essential… Life-giving.

Solitude gives me back to myself. It gives me back to my heart, my mind, my body, my spirit.

When I first arrived in Santa Fe, I felt restless and bothered. I kept checking my phone and scrolling social media for no reason other than to escape the stillness of my little casita.

As each day passed, so did my restlessness. My insides began to expand to match the landscape I found myself in.

My final day in Taos consisted of me sitting either outside, or inside by an enormous bank of windows, watching clouds meander by in the broad sky that seemed to fill me with more love than I know what to do with.

And now, here I am. Back at home, sitting at my computer, writing to you with a tiny spider blessing this desk and everything on it with it’s Presence and solitary exploration.

Isn’t this what life and meditation are all about?

Presence. BEing. Noticing. Allowing. Observing. Relaxing. Opening.

No matter what it is… Whether pain and discomfort, joy or ease. Our work is to notice. Allow. BE with whatever is here, right now.

This is my practice… To BE human in this moment and not run away from it or try to escape into some rare and perfect tomorrow…

To BE right here, right now, writing to you with a full heart and deep appreciation for this air we are both breathing, and these lungs keeping time with our shared heartbeat.

Wherever you are today, whatever you are feeling, may you know the blessing and love of having your heart handed back to you by the love contained in this solitary moment.

Sending you love today, and always.

xo – Jessica

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