I Am Worthy, Loved & Seen

We’ve all wanted to be seen and heard. To be seen as lovely… as strong… as smart. To be heard on where our heart is at, what our opinions are, and what others think of us. The latter always seems to stop me in my tracks. What do they think of me?

Having grown up in a very loving and expressive home, I knew I was loved. I knew I was smart, pretty, and creative. Even though I was told these things and knew them in my brain, the thought would not saturate my heart. Even after pursuing relationships with men to find it – putting myself out there for more approval – in my own eyes, I have always fallen short. That is, until now.

As of recently, I made a different choice. A new thought dawned on me. I decided to be who I wanted to be. I always said I wasn’t a runner. I’ve started running. I said I couldn’t eat healthy and stick to it. I’m eating healthy. I’ve said I need people constantly around me to feel safe and loved. I’ve moved into a new apartment, all on my own. This is a beautiful new season of growth for me – fully embracing who I am, and owning it. I’m living out the discovery and goodness that only comes with being content with oneself and pursuing life to the utmost. I am learning to love and accept who I am through positive actions toward myself; trusting that I am worthy, loved, and seen.

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