Whoa. Holy moly. Wow. What’s up?

Any chance you can tell me what day of the week it is?

Sometimes I’m up at 5:00 am after a restless night of sleep and lots of weird dreams.

Other nights I can’t get to bed soon enough and feel like I could sleep until noon (which has happened on more than a few occasions lately).

I’m online more. Connecting with more people. Giving more.

Because I want to be.

I really really really want to be with you, in every way possible.

I want to give you big hugs and go out to coffee with you and tell you how amazing you are.

It’s really important to me that you know how totally, utterly, spectacularly loved you are.

You don’t even have to do anything. Just your very presence is enough to make me cry with joy and gratitude.

Because you are here. Same as me.

It brings me allll the comfort to know that even though some days are crazy and other days are lazy, your heart is beating in your chest with the message, “I. Am. Here. I. Am Here.”

So, thank you for BEing here. In this moment. Wherever this moment may be.

As you might already know, my year started with a really big loss.

And it’s YOU who helped me through it. You gave me something to look forward to.

Sitting in meditation with you… teaching classes… leading courses… breathing in and out in unison.

My throat is filling with tears as my heart swells with humble gratitude for your receiving of what I have to offer.

Because, honestly, the way I get through grief is through giving… through reaching deep down into my grief and finding every single human who has ever lived, waiting, right there, to be loved and reminded they are not alone.

I am here too. I feel it too. I’ve been there too. I understand. I see. I know.

You are not alone. Ever. I am here. Same as you.

What else has helped me through?

All the love and goodness in the world. All the kind words, thoughtful gestures, loving touches (even virtually).

They don’t even have to be meant for me.

Just knowing it’s out there and it’s being expressed is enough.

Sometimes. Until it’s not.

That’s when I go back to giving… Giving what it is I want to receive.

There’s no other way.

This reminds me of one of my favorite prayers, taught to me by a good friend, many years ago, (who is a master at manifestation):

“I am open and ready to give.
I am open and ready to receive.”

And it’s true. I am open and ready to give…

Give my heart, give my love, give my gifts, give my compassion, give my grace, give my humor, give my weird-whatever-this-is-in-this-moment… give all of me.

Without agenda or need or expectation.

Because I love you and I love this planet and I love the messiness of the human heart.

And? I’m open and ready to receive…

Receive your heart, receive your love, receive your gifts, receive your compassion, receive your grace, receive your humor, receive your weird-whatever-this-is-in-this-moment… receive all of you.

And who are you?


You are every good thing.

So, if there’s one thing I want to give you today it’s this prayer:

“I am open and ready to give.
I am open and ready to receive.”

May you know how valuable and needed you are. Keep shining your light and keep receiving the light of Life that surrounds you.

With a full heart,


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