A good friend recently shared this song with me by Jai Jagdeesh.

She texted it to me while I was working at my computer. I figured I’d listen while I typed out a few emails.

But that’s not what happened. As soon as the first line was sung, I stopped and listened.

With tears streaming down my face, I was struck by words I didn’t know I needed to hear.

I immediately felt the presence of Divine Love show up… like a great, tender mother whispering every true thing into my heart + soul.

This is the conversation I had with Divine Love, as I cried at my desk…

Divine Love: Know you are loved

Me: Oh, wow… {tears}

Divine Love: Rest in peace

Me: I really need rest and peace… {more tears}

Divine Love: Dream your sweet dreams

Me: But I have so many dreams… {tears, tears)

Divine Love: ‘Til your soul is released

Me: Yes… {still more tears}


DL: Beloved child, my heart is yours

Me: Oh, to have your heart is such a gift…

DL: Beloved child, go out and open doors

Me: I want to, so badly…

DL: With your love

Me: Thank you for seeing the love in my heart…

DL: With your faith

Me: Oh, I have so much faith…

DL: With your compassion

Me: {tears}… my heart breathes compassion…

DL: With your grace

Me: Yes, grace… that I might lead with grace…

DL: Oh, with your grace…

Me: Thank you for seeing me… {double the tears}


DL: Beloved child, you are the light of the world

Me: Oh, that you would believe in me… see me…

DL: Beloved child… Go out, spread light to the world

Me: With all my heart, that’s what I long to do…

DL: Be strong, be kind, be brave

Me: Always, always…

DL: Know your mind

Me: Deep breath, yes…

DL: Know that you’re divine

Me: I forget sometimes… but yes…

DL: Know that it’s alright to be afraid

Me: {tears}


DL: Know you are loved

Me: Oh, thank you…

DL: Rest in peace

Me: I can feel you holding me…

DL: Dream your sweet dreams

Me: So much tenderness…

DL: ‘Til your soul is released

Me: Yes, I can feel my heart becoming lighter…

{the song goes on for a bit… music slowly fades out as I wipe tears from my face}


Deep breath. Divine love. Heart-bursting. Resounding truth. Thank you. Thank you.

Here’s a link to In Dreams by Jai Jagdeesh. Listen with your heart and let it be your guide.


You can imagine your soul is singing these words to you… A divine blessing from You to You…


“Beloved child, my heart is yours. Go out and open doors with your love, with your faith, with your compassion, with your grace.”


And if you’re up for it, I highly recommend the whole In Dreams album. Every song feels like a call to freedom.

With all my heart,


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