I am ten years old
and my feet tear through the grass
that big green field across from our house
i beg him to throw it higher and farther
i want to run for it, dive for it
and so he humors me
and i run ten miles
in my ten-year old mind
it was all so open
that field that sky that time
and now

i am forty-some years old
and when i think of him
this is always and forever the first image
vivid in my mind
he and i
arcing the ball
white against blue of an upstate sky
that was our time
the miles imagined and real
the field the sky
as fresh today
as ever

{You can find more of Michelle’s writing + insights Here.}

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Beautiful. As someone who never had this, thank you for letting me run along with you and your father-imagined and real. xo

Yes, thank you Michelle for putting your Father experience on loan for us. xo

really, it’s a privilege to loan, to share…

i love what you’ve written here…that you ran alongside me and my father. xo

This is beautiful, Michelle, thank you for sharing. You reminded me that my father taught me how to fly a kite and how to ride by bicycle.

cheryl, you make me smile. i’m so happy this triggered something for you…

I remember this–that grass, the sky, you & Daddy. I’m glad you do, too. The first thing I remember when I think of him is all of us in the camper–him with his left elbow sticking out the driver’s window, getting sunburnt. Mom tells me that I notice hawks soaring over the highway because he always did.

Oh Denise, that’s beautiful! How fortunate you and Michelle are to have such a tender connection to your Father :) xo