Yes, roll up your shirtsleeves

get to work

but not before

you’ve spent sufficient time

in stillness,

alone with your desires,

listening to what feels right


Only you know

what’s best for you

Only you can ensure

your deepest needs are met


Yes, get busy

doing what needs doing,

Yet be sure your doing

comes from you

not the flippancy of external pressures,

designed to make you feel

you must do

without question

or reflection


If you’re able to do this –

slow down,

really listen to yourself –

you’ll discover

how much of your life

is not yours

and how much of it

you could do without


When this becomes clear

let your DOing

be the elimination of everything

not born from your center,

and the pursuit of all that IS


Only then can you

be content with your life

as it is


You are the author

not the powerless consumer


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