I recently read, “Instead of being the one who does the desiring, imagine instead that everything desires you.”

Imagine the air cannot wait to enter your lungs and breathe life into you.

Image the ground is crazy with excitement to feel your feet upon it.

Imagine the sun rising for you in the morning, and the moon rising for you at night – like two loving parents, watching over you always.

Image Life loves you and desires you…

Life desires your attention, your affection, your love.

Imagine life waiting excitedly for it’s first kiss from you and never wanting you to stop for as long as you both shall live.

Imagine you’ve been hurt – really, really hurt – (like *that’s* hard to imagine), and all Life wants to do is hug you and love you and kiss you back. Life wants to stroke your hair, anoint your wounds, wrap you in bandages, and tend to your wounds.

In those times, Life wants to dim the lights, set a fire in the hearth and comfort you with its soft touch.

Imagine you’ve been in pain for a long time and the unseen hands of Life have been tending to your wounds in the darkness.

Imagine you are ready to get up from your sick bed and walk. And Life is right there to help you up and guide you into the light of day.

Imagine Life giving you a pair of sunglasses, leading you by the hand and saying, “Take it easy. Go slow. Rest when you need rest. You’re no longer sick, but things might be tender for a while.”

Imagine tears of relief and joy (maybe for the first time in years) springing from your eyes and landing at your feel, where flowers spread and bloom.

Imagine it takes some time but each day you feel more and more alive in your body and in your Life.

Imagine running along the beach, the wind whipping around you, desiring to play with you.

Imagine laying in the cool grass and every blade massaging your body, inviting you to relax, let go, and BE.

Imagine Life desires you the way a mother craves her child, and a child craves their mother.

The world – LIFE – longs for your Beingness. It wants your attention.

You are a gift, a joy, a wonder to behold.

Feel Life now.

Feel your value.

Feel your worth.

Feel your goodness.

Feel your enoughness.

Feel this moment. All that Is.

Allow yourself to be held, healed and led by the hand of Life – who wants nothing more than to feel you too.

When the Soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.” —Meister Eckhart

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