:: Nourish Your Heart, Mind, and Body

A Blissfully Guided Meditation Experience for Inner Peace, Clarity, and Joy…

This deeply relaxing 4-hour immersive experience offers instruction for all experience levels. You will be guided in meditation and mindfulness practices designed to decompress your nervous system, free your mind from worry, and tap into the warm devotion of your heart.

Spring is a time for clearing out what no longer serves you while inviting what you want for yourself going forward. It’s a time of creation and preparation. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious, this retreat will help you come into alignment with the vital energy of the Spring season and connect you to your natural essence pace.

It’s like a Spa Day for your heart, mind, body, and soul!


This half-day retreat is a deeply relaxing experience…

Through guided meditation, breath training, mindfulness practices, and science-based teachings, you will gain a number of simple tools for deep inner peace, clarity, and joy, that you can immediately (and seamlessly) apply to your daily life the moment you get home.

By the end of this retreat, you will feel lighter, replenished, and deeply nourished in your heart, mind, and body. You will feel more clear, open, expansive, and equipped to make choices in alignment with your highest good.

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Jessica Amos, combines a mix of down-to-earth teachings and guided meditation practices to gently guide you to a blissful state of conscious awareness and relaxation. You will be met with a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment where Jessica will carry the day so you don’t have to.

SATURDAY, APRIL 27 • 12-4pm!


  • Delicious spread of nourishing food + beverage
  • 4 hours of self-care and total relaxation
  • Comfortable + supportive environment for self-exploration
  • Easy introduction to various meditation + mindfulness practices
  • Goody bag to take home


  • Yoga mat + pillows/blankets
  • Journal + pen
  • Water bottle
  • Walking shoes + jacket (for outdoor walking meditation)
  • An open heart


Beginner? Dabbler? Experienced? This retreat is for you…

Beginner: If you’ve never meditated before, feel intimidated by the idea, or don’t know where to start, this retreat is for you. The best place to start is at the beginning so that’s where we’ll start. And remember what Shunryu Suzuki says, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” Love that!

Dabbler: If you’ve meditated before but haven’t been able to establish a consistent practice, this retreat will definitely help you carve out time to grow a more sustainable practice where you feel more connected to your deep wisdom and truest self.

Practiced: You have likely already built a strong meditation practice and will likely be familiar with some of the techniques I share in this retreat, but if you want to infuse your practice with new ideas, visualizations, and a soulful connection to yourself, this retreat will do just that.


A new way of connecting with yourself...

  • Feel like you spent the day at the spa
  • Learn various meditation + mindfulness practices for finding peace in your daily life
  • Get unstuck + find inner clarity
  • Time spent just for you
  • De-stress and let go of anxiety
  • Learn to listen to yourself and tap into your inner wisdom
  • Know you can support yourself when life gets tough
  • Feel more love + connection with yourself and your body
  • Like yourself more + nurture your self-esteem
  • Restore your mind, body and heart
  • Be present in the moment + extend that mindfulness to the rest of your life

Saturday, April 27 • 12-4pm

Get $20 off when you register before April 13

I’m hosting this retreat because I know what it’s like to be busy with little time for self-care and inner reflection. When I first started meditating I needed support and guidance. All these years later, I still need support and guidance. It was through immersive experiences like this one that deep inner peace becomes accessible. Not only has my meditation practice helped me manage my chronic anxiety for over a decade, it’s deepened my spiritual practice as well.

This retreat helps you explore different styles of meditation so you can find what you like, while still getting the support you need to care for yourself. The practices I teach are down-to-earth and translate well into your daily life.

The teachings and meditations at this retreat are based on my personal experiences, and things I’ve learned from other mentors and teachers along the way. I hope you feel deeply encouraged, supported, and inspired to join me for a half-day of soul nourishment.

May you stay with yourself today, and always. xo – Jessica, teacher


It’s time to give back to yourself!


Saturday, April 27

Enjoy 4-hours of deep, nourishing self-care!


Kind words from students…