It’s time
to ease up
let go
be moved
by my natural rhythms

It’s time
to stop
taking myself –
my fears and ego –
so seriously

It’s time
to let
things go undone
let myself
off the hook
and be
okay with it

It’s time
to release
my leafy hold on
the tree of life…

My petally grasp on
the unencumbered flower…

My feathery attachment to
the mighty bird…

And let myself
be carried on
the breeze
away from
the toil of attachment

It’s time
to flow
like a river…

Trust in
the rising
and setting of
the sun…

Surrender to
the consistency of
the tides…

There’s nothing
more to do

There’s nowhere to go

There’s only me
in this moment
at my kitchen table

Here I am
where I ought to be

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