I teach meditation AND I’m in a punk band.

I’m a mom… a painter… a gardener… a chef… a lover… a friend… a writer… musician… a complex BEing who is visited by enough inspiration to last me ten lifetimes.

I am not just one thing. Ever. I am a multitude of contradictions and interests and needs and wants and feeling and desires and struggles and joys.

I love nature and dive bars. I love cussing like a sailor and being completely silent for three days straight. I love dancing around my living room with my kids and I love time away from being a mom.

My moods change. My hunger changes. My thoughts change. My energy levels change. Constantly. From moment to moment.

And what sucks the life out of me, more than any other thought/fear/worry/concern/rumination is the idea that I must be ONE THING… that I must be constantly consistent… that I should be only one way.

To believe I should be simpler, less complex, and deny my contradictions, is to deny my very self, my very nature.

I am an organic BEing. Ever changing. Ever growing. Ever longing to reach toward the sun and root deep into the earth.

May you find freedom in your contradictions today and joy in the words of Walt Whitman when he says,

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

Write these words on your mirror. Tape them to your fridge. Inscribe them on your heart.

You are magnificent in EVERY way!

And if you need a little extra help connecting with your okayness, I created this Fill-in-the-Blank Love Note just for you.

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