:: 10-Day Mindfulness Course on Insight Timer

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” -Rainer Maria Rilke


Spring is a time for clearing out what no longer serves you while inviting what you want for yourself going forward. It’s a time of creation and preparation. Particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed, fearful or anxious, learn how to come into alignment with the spring season through heartfelt and conversational teachings that bring about mindful creation and present moment awareness. Connect with your natural rhythm, listen to your heart, and be renewed by spring’s vital energy.




“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood


Lesson 1 :: Creative Energy

Springtime energy is full of delight, rebirth, growth, and emergence. It’s a time of bursting forth, cleansing, releasing the old, and inviting in the new. It’s also a time of creativity – when all the ideas and inspirations you incubated during the winter are ready to emerge with greater clarity, purpose, and meaning.

Lesson 2 :: Steady Pace

Spring is a very exciting time, full of presence, and deep engagement. It’s easy to get caught up in too quick a pace. Take your time emerging from winter’s stillness to wipe the sleep from your eyes, while slowly reengaging in creative action. This is a time for planting and preparing, but there’s no rush. Move at a steady pace, preparing the way for the manifestation of your desires later in the year.

Lesson 3 :: Transitioning Weather

The ebb of flow of warm and cool springtime weather helps you create and maintain a steady pace. Look at the weather conditions as your energy guide – the fluctuations help you transition out of your winter cave without becoming overwhelmed.

Lesson 4 :: Inner Work

In lesson four, we talk about spring as a time for letting go of what needs to be released, as well as inviting what you want to focus on going forward. The inner work of spring is about elimination: taking what has risen up within you during the winter season, then working with it to actively let it go. Focus on your desires through heart healing, ceremony, and mantra.

Lesson 5 :: Outer Work

Spring is a time of clearing out, preparation, and planning inwardly and outwardly. If there’s a creative endeavor you want to engage in more regularly, springtime is a wonderful time to clear out physical space to make room for creative action. Connect with life more fully through mindful preparation and planning.

Lesson 6 :: Feeding Your Body

As you come out of winter into springtime, it’s important to pay attention to any habits you formed over the winter to create warmth and comfort. Since spring is a time for cleansing, this is a great time to eliminate what your body no longer needs and introduce a new springtime diet.

Lesson 7 :: Moving Your Body

Springtime is a wonderful time for taking slow, steady walks to loosen up your body after the long Winter. Getting some fresh air and a few sunny days out in nature is incredibly invigorating. Light, gentle movement in spring is another way to make room for yourself and clear internal space.

Lesson 8 :: Wood Element Meditation

This short, guided tree practice gently invites you to connect with the wood element associated with springtime. Visualize yourself as a tree – your roots reaching deep into the earth while your branches (neurological pathways) reach to the heavens. Drop old thought patterns and invite light energy into your BEing.

Lesson 9 :: Nature’s Example

Come into alignment with the spring season and notice how nature is showing up for you. Following nature’s lead is essential for connecting more deeply with yourself and the deep peace and stillness already inside you. Look at the flowers, birds, bees, and trees to remind you of your true nature.

Lesson 10 :: Embracing Springtime

This final lesson encourages you to embrace springtime by connecting more fully with your heart’s desire. It’s an invitation to get excited about what is stirring inside your heart as you make room for joy and creation. You are full of possibilities!




“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood

Kind Words About This Course…

“It’s my first meditation course after years not practicing any. This Spring course is wonderful, easy to follow, uplifting and calming. I started on the first week of Coronavirus quarantine when I felt panic and fear, I felt immediate results in my fear fading and meditation bring me calmness. Thank you so much.” –Anna S.

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“Very thoughtful. It was just what I needed to embrace Spring and all the changes it brings when I was still feeling Winter-y.” –Hope R.

“Brilliant. This course is like a kiss of sunshine. Thank You!” –Myra

“Wonderful! Jessica hit upon a lot of key points and her Springtime topic was perfect. She has a nice demeanor and voice and made the course meaningful.” –Marie H.

“Thank you! I was already rushing headfirst into getting things done this Spring… Your words helped me see that I have time still, and that pacing is indeed key. I really settled more into being. And I loved the tree meditation!” –Shirin S.

“I enjoyed so much your course on Springtime as all others you have offered on Insight Timer. Thank you for your invitation to connect to ourselves and to receive the wonderful gifts and rythms of nature and to be aligned with them, very nice and enjoying course. Namaste.” –Rebecca

“A dawn-breaking experience and one perfectly in line with the understanding I have felt awakening in me non-verbally this Spring! I will be most glad to have an opportunity to travel with you through the other Seasons! Thank you and may you always walk on warm sands!” –Neukered

“Wonderful course that has really reminded me to slow down and connect with nature every day, helping me to feel much calmer and more grounded this Spring. Thank you.” –Chantal C.

“Thank you. I am going through an intense but beautiful time of personal growth and healing and it has been so comforting to have the idea of Spring Renewal with me.” –Sarah

“Jessica’s material is a breath of fresh air! The authentic, fun, and quirky delivery of each message is wonderful and makes me want to keep coming back for more!” –Renee