:: 10-Day Mindfulness Course on Insight Timer

“Money loves me and wants to be with me.” {lesson 1 mantra}


Through engaging lessons, guided exercises, and introspective practices, this course offers a spiritual approach to healing and transforming your relationship with money. Each lesson is designed to reshape how you relate to money and help you build a harmonious relationship with money as a friend, ally, and loving partner. Using the power of mantras and subconscious reconditioning, you will learn to release limiting beliefs and shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, allowing you to approach money with a new perspective of openness and potential. Like any valuable relationship, creating a happy, lifelong relationship with money requires daily nurturing and attention. This course guides you in how to approach money with more love, awareness, and open invitation. Get ready to step into a lifetime of lasting happiness, freedom, and joy through a renewed and harmonious bond with money.

“The infinite intelligence and endless love of all the forces of good in the world are dying to work with me on getting me everything my heart desires.” {lesson 3 mantra}


Hi! I’m Jessica. Through the power of acceptance and non-judgment, my teachings are heartfelt and conversational – they’re off the cuff, fueled by my desire for you to feel like you are connecting intimately with a safe and trustworthy friend. I hope you feel deeply supported and valued through these teachings and meditations, as well as encouraged to trust yourself to heal and grow in accordance with your own inner guidance.

I’m passionate about creating an open-hearted learning environment accessible to everyone. I believe meditation and mindfulness help you embrace yourself with compassion and grace, as well as encourage you to rewrite your personal narrative through deep emotional and psychological healing so you can live a life of peace, clarity, and joy. May this course be exactly what your heart needs today! xo





Lesson 1 :: The Heart + Vibe of Money

This first lesson on Healing Your Relationship with Money focuses on the energy and vibe of money as a sustaining and loving force in our lives. You are invited to shift your perspective away from scarcity and fear, and personifying money as a loving partner, friend, or ally. Through this process, you will be reconditioning yourself to relate to money in a new, positive way, allowing the energy of money to flow freely. The mantra for this session is “Money loves me and wants to be with me,” encouraging you to envision money as a supportive and caring presence in your life.

Lesson 2 :: Loosening Your Grip So Money Can Flow

Through releasing tension, embracing the natural flow of money, and loosening your grip around money, this lesson invites you to relax, focus on the present, and acknowledge the abundance you already possess. The mantra “Money flows to me easily, effortlessly, and endlessly from known and unknown sources” reinforces the idea of a steady, abundant flow of money into your life. The core message is to shift from restriction to openness and allow money’s positive energy to flow freely.

Lesson 3 :: Money Supports Your Deepest Desires

Today’s session dives deep into the idea that money gets to support your deepest heart’s desires. By aligning with your heart’s desires and values, you can establish a profound connection with the energy of money. Just as money flows continuously, your desires flow continuously from your heart. Embracing this connection allows you to invite money as a creative partner and guide in achieving your aspirations. Your mantra for today affirms this synergy: “The infinite intelligence and endless love of all the forces of good in the world are dying to work with me on getting me everything my heart desires.”

Lesson 4 :: Talking to Money + Taking Inspired Action

When you communicate openly with money and listen to its responses, you pave the way for guided and intuitive actions that aligns with the fulfillment of your desires. This session encourages you to engage in heartfelt conversations with money, sharing your desires and visions while trusting in money’s loving support. Open yourself to receiving direction and guidance for actions that might initially seem unrelated but are orchestrated by money’s unseen influence. Remember the mantra, “Everything is working out for me, always. What’s meant for me is unstoppable. I need it and it needs me.”

Lesson 5 :: Cultivate a Loving Relationship with Money

This lesson reminds you that healthy relationships require reciprocity. Embrace reciprocity with money by offering your best self, just as money offers its best self. Let go of blame and negative talk about money, instead choose words of love, trust, and appreciation. Practice the mantra: “I am loved, supported, and appreciated by money. I love money and money loves me.” Apply this positive relationship approach to all areas of your life for transformative change.

Lesson 6 :: Built Trust with Money + Tap Into Your Worthiness

Learn to embrace money as a high-vibe partner with the ability to reflect your attitudes, beliefs, and self-worth back to you. How you relate to and build trust with money is a direct mirror for how you see yourself. As you learn to trust money as a consistent source of support, love, and care in your life, you simultaneously learn to trust yourself in the same ways. When you show up as a trustworthy partner through value-aligned action, you’ll begin to see money showing up for you the same way. The mantra, “All my needs are met above and beyond my greatest expectations,” reinforces trust and commitment, allowing you to show up for money and nurture a positive relationship.

Lesson 7 :: Learning to Open + Receive Money

Today’s lesson invites you to notice where you put your attention and practice tuning your ‘receiver’ to the abundance, generosity, and care always arriving to you. By shifting your attention and perspective away from the belief that you are ‘bad at receiving’ and instead acknowledging you’re always receiving, it’s just a matter of what you tune into, you open yourself to the flow of money, goodness, and opportunities around you. Today’s mantra, “I am open and ready to give. I am open and ready to receive,” is a wonderful reminder to embrace generosity and acknowledge what’s working in your life.

Lesson 8 :: Practicing Gratitude Toward Money

Cultivating gratitude enhances money radiance, and transforms your perception of lack into abundance. Expressing gratitude for money’s presence in your life isn’t contingent on feeling thankful; it’s a practice that guides us toward the change we desire. Today’s mantra, “I am wildly abundant and supported by money. Thank you!”  supports our daily practice of expressing thanks to money no matter what we might be feeling. Gratitude is always an option.

Lesson 9 :: Activated Healing + Spiritual Transformation

Today’s lesson is based on the idea that in a New Earth Economy the most valuable thing we can buy is spiritual transformation. Money is a powerful source for activating your healing, growth, and transformation. By directing the flow of money in your life towards your heart-values, you activate your highest potential for rapid change and the fulfillment of your deepest desires. Your mantra for today: “I choose to invest in my highest good, growth, and spiritual transformation. I choose to allow the outcome to be exceedingly and abundantly better than what I’ve decided to have.” This mantra encourages us to invest in your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical transformation first and foremost, trusting the outcome to be greater than you could have imagined.

Lesson 10 :: A Lifetime of Happiness + Freedom with Money

This final session explores the concept of creating a long-lasting and loving relationship with money that leads to on-going happiness and freedom throughout your lifetime. Today, you are invited to play with money, allowing it to surprise and support you in beautiful and unexpected ways. Through remaining open, following your desires, and taking inspired action, you are forging a bond with money that will bring you joy and security for many years to come. Your final mantra is: “I am joyously centered and safe as life unfolds around me, and in me, in beautiful and surprising ways.” May you and Money enjoy a lifetime of happiness, freedom, and joy!

“Everything is working out for me, always. What’s meant for me is unstoppable. I need it, and it needs me.” {lesson 4 mantra}




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