:: 7-Day Mindfulness Course on Insight Timer

“A big part of the healing work has already occurred because of your willingness to go inward and reclaim your inner child as your Self.” -Jessica Amos


Through heartfelt and conversational teachings, learn to connect with the youngest parts of yourself that still need healing and attention by offering yourself the love, care, and attention you didn’t receive as a child.

Using Compassionate Awareness, you will be gently (and playfully) led through mindfulness practices, mindsets, and meditations to help facilitate connection with inner child and invite the rejected parts of yourself back into your heart, mind, and body.

If you are feeling lost, helpless, depressed, victimized, out of control, and emotionally at your wits end, this is often a sign that a very young part of you has been rejected and desperately needs you attention. This course will guide you through how to reforge lost connection with yourself, show you how to stop looking outside yourself for answers, and teach you to become your own greatest friend and ally.

“Your inner child still needs to be loved in order to heal the complete self.” – Karen A. Baquiran


Hi! I’m Jessica. Through the power of acceptance and non-judgment, my teachings are heartfelt and conversational – they’re off the cuff, fueled by my desire for you to feel like you are connecting intimately with a safe and trustworthy friend. I hope you feel deeply supported and valued through these teachings and meditations, as well as encouraged to trust yourself to heal and grow in accordance with your own inner guidance.

I’m passionate about creating an open-hearted learning environment accessible to everyone. I believe meditation and mindfulness help you embrace yourself with compassion and grace, as well as encourage you to rewrite your personal narrative through deep emotional and psychological healing so you can live a life of peace, clarity, and joy. May this course be exactly what your heart needs today! xo





Lesson 1 :: Why Heal Your Inner Child

Many of us at a young age were conditioned and taught to abandon and reject ourselves as a way to earn a sense of love and belonging. This caused us to fragment and split off from ourselves causing us to feel sad, depressed, lonely, hurt, emotionally taxed, codependent, and overextended in our adult life and relationships. By doing Inner Child Healing work, you are consciously choosing to heal and put an end to a lifetime of suffering and self-abandonment.

Lesson 2 :: Forging Connection: Getting to Know Your Inner Child

How deeply you’ve been cut off from your inner child will determine how much time, attention, care, and compassion is required to become reacquainted with the lost and lonely parts of yourself. During this process, you will likely come in contact with very young parts of yourself (possibly even pre-memory) as well as older (teenage and young adult) parts of yourself. It’s important to go slowly and approach yourself with love because the aspects of yourselves that have been most rejected or gone into hiding, can often be skittish and require lots of trust-building, which you will learn to do in this session.

Lesson 3 :: Learning to Honor and Listen To Your Inner Child

Once you have reforged connection with an aspect of your inner child, you will then need to listen to what they have to say. It will be your job to sit with your inner child and acknowledge any pain, anger, hurt, sadness, and loss they are feeling. This is a chance to practice being a Loving Presence for yourself and finally giving the rejected parts of yourself the attention they have needed for so long. This is enormously trust-building and essential before moving deeper into this work.

Lesson 4 :: Reparenting Yourself (Part 1): Facing the Past

Now that you know how to honor and listen to your inner child, you are now ready to travel back to the times, places, and circumstances in which they were abandoned, rejected, or split off from you. This session involves a very powerful visualization that will help you go to these places without becoming overwhelmed. This process can sometimes be emotionally triggering, so it’s important to go slow, and honor any fears or resistance that comes up. Take your time with this one. Trust the process and your own sense of what will be most helpful to your inner child.

Lesson 5 :: Reparenting Yourself (Part 2): Healing the Past

You’ve done a lot of deep emotional work by this point and have learned some great structures for approaching your inner child with love, safety, and compassion. A big part of the healing work has already occurred because of your willingness to go inward and reclaim your inner child as your Self. What your inner child most needs now is to be invited back into your heart (and your life) with a strong sense of belonging and lots of affirmation from you. Reassure you inner child that you will never abandon them again and that you are devoted to loving, honoring, and engaging with them forevermore. Forgive your inner child for the past and reassure them of their innocence, value, and worthiness of love.

Lesson 6 :: Inviting Your Inner Child to Play & Feel Safe

There’s nothing children love more than to play! However, to play requires children to feel free and safe to express themselves and take up space, physically and emotionally. Part of why you have been cut off from yourself for so long is because it hasn’t felt safe for you to take up space and be bigger than life in this world. Your inner child is hungry to play and delight in life. Now that you are reconnected with the lost parts of yourself, and have built a loving and safe inner environment for yourself, it’s time for you to invite your inner child out to play. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this wonderful reunion than with a bit of fun and lighthearted enjoyment of this beautiful connection you now have.

Lesson 7 :: Living From Your Wholeness

You came into this world whole, complete and perfect. This has never stopped being true. You just forgot for a while. Now that you have returned to your Self and reintegrated the lost and fragmented aspects of your BEing, you can rest in the homecoming that is your Self. Let this be a new beginning that changes your life, your path, and your commitment to living a deeply soulful and nourishing existence from now on. Well done on showing up for yourself and going deep within to take yourself back, living from your wholeness once again.

“… I’ve promised my inner child that never again will I ever abandon myself for anything or anyone else again.” -Wynonna Judd




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