:: 10-Day Mindfulness Course on Insight Timer

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus


Through heartfelt and conversational teachings, learn to be at ease in the midst of busyness and doing during the Autumn season. Allow yourself to let go of what can wait until next year and focus instead on wrapping up loose ends as you prepare for cooler days. Celebrate your bounty and the manifestation of your desires while preparing yourself for inner stillness and a season of deep rest. Autumn is a gorgeous time of transition, intention-setting and completion. Find self-awareness using practical mindfulness tools in this easy going 10-day seasonal course about autumn ease.




“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” – Lauren Destefano


Lesson 1 :: Abundant Energy

The energy of the Fall season is productive and active – a time of harvesting your abundance and celebrating your bounty. It’s a time of preparation, gathering in the last of everything from outside, and finishing up projects you started earlier in the year. This season is also celebratory and vibrant while gently transitioning you out of the fiery energy of Summer into a more crisp, airy energy. It’s a gorgeous time of year for practicing alignment and ease.

Lesson 2 :: Enjoyable Pace

Enjoyment, activity, and preparation for the stillness to come in Winter is what Autumn is all about. Learn to be mindful of your pace during the Fall season. There’s a lot of newness and change this time of year. You might feel a burst of energy with the cool, refreshing weather. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with everything you think you need to Do during this invigorating time, remember there’s not rush. Allow yourself to maintain an easy, enjoyable pace. Trust everything will get done in its own time.

Lesson 3 :: Transitioning Weather

Fall weather can be quite dry, with fluctuating temperatures and inconsistent weather patterns. This offers you a chance to come into alignment with the stillness deep inside you while practicing flexibility and surrender to change. With cooler days and darker nights, nature is being tucked in for its long Winter’s nap to come, and you are invited to do the same.

Lesson 4 :: Inner Work

Your internal landscape during this transitional season is ripe for becoming more grounded, seeking clarity and setting intentions. Because it’s a season of productivity as well as preparation for stillness, it’s important to slow down in the midst of Doing and allow yourself to BE. This is a chance to find out everything is okay and nothing is going to fall apart if you take time to rest.

Lesson 5 :: Outer Work

Autumn is full of activity – going back to school, getting back to your regular work schedule, starting up hobbies, engaging new interests, etc.. As you listen to your heart, follow your joy, seek clarity and practice living with ease, you can use this seasonal shift to your advantage by implementing changes that are in greater alignment with your desires while also eliminating what’s no longer working. What better time to make changes in your life than when everything is already changing?

Lesson 6 :: Feeding Your Body

The bountiful fruits and vegetables of Autumn make this a genuinely wonderful time of year for feeding your body. As a transitional season, this is also a great time for cleansing your diet by eliminating certain foods and/or introducing new foods that support your physical well-being. With Autumn also comes cold and flu season, which highlights how important it is to mindfully support your body by consuming foods that are fresh, rich in vitamins, and nourishing to your system. May you feel well by eating well.

Lesson 7 :: Moving Your Body

As an invigorating and enlivening season, Fall is a great time to practice joyful, celebratory movement. Any sort of free-flowing movement that allows you to follow your own rhythm, while connecting with the needs of your body, will bring you into greater alignment with your inner self. Also, getting outside and connecting with yourself, and nature, with a slow Walking Meditation or breathing practice will clear your mind and heart, as well as open you up to the beauty and enoughness of the present moment.

Lesson 8 :: Air Element Meditation

This short, guided meditation for connecting with the air element associated with Autumn, encourages you to breathe into change. Make yourself comfortable as you are guided through this invigorating, air-focused practice to help you come into alignment with your heart, mind and body.

Lesson 9 :: Nature’s Example

Today you’ll look to nature’s example for how you can come into alignment with yourself and the natural rhythms of the world around you. During the Fall season, nature is dropping dead leaves, turning under, and closing down production as it prepares for Winter’s deep rest. It’s time to focus on what needs to be worked on and released. Go outside and observe what nature has to teach you about this season.

Lesson 10 :: Embracing Autumn

A big part of coming into alignment with the Autumn season is accepting the ever-changing nature of life and living. Allowing yourself to be productive, make changes, and complete projects without taking on more, is a practice in self-care and mindful choice. When you learn to look to nature as your example and follow its rhythms, you get to discover the deepest, most peaceful part of yourself. Allow yourself to let go of earning your worth through busyness and doing. Instead, let yourself and the present moment, be enough. Because it is.




“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery

Kind Words About This Course…

“I’ve really enjoyed your journey through the seasons, and I wanted to express my gratitude for your work. As someone who is originally from the tropics, but now lives somewhere where there are “traditional” seasons, I have found your course very insightful — I used to dread the transition between seasons (OK: any season that isn’t summer!) with dread, trepidation, and resentment, and you’ve helped me get to a more positive place of acceptance and appreciation.” –Sara

“Thanks for adding blissfulness during this Autumn season.” –Razen

“Wonderful course! Thank you so much. I love the course content and the way each day’s lesson is set out. I feel more aligned with the energy of Autumn and with seasonal changes. I look forward to listening to your other courses.” –Jingying

“So happy to see this course arrive!! I love these seasonal courses. Thank you! ” –Kathy

“Thank you Jessica for creating this course. I love autumn. I have also worked your course in ending relationships and find myself here in autumn ending a difficult relationship. With this course, I am trying to see what I have to harvest from this relationship and how I can capture the autumn energy as I move into the quiet of winter to heal. Thank you!” –Heidi

“Thank you! Lovely to listen and engage with Fall in its entirety.” –Jess

“Great to be back with you on this next course. Autumn ease is just what I need right now. Two weeks ago I told my husband that I want a divorce and I would really like the next few months to be filled with ease, for both of us. After 21 years of marriage it is time to let go – like leaves falling from the tree. Time to close this part of my life and move on with the next. Autumn feels like a good time to do it, while there is still energy and before winter comes. I know this course will be a big help. Thank you as always for your wise and gentle words. ” –Chantal