I’ll never forget meeting Oprah

I had just completed a book tour for my new book. I was scheduled to go on her show the next day.

When I arrived at her studio I was given my own dressing room and was told Oprah would be by to go over the topics we’d cover during my interview. I was nervous and excited. I couldn’t believe I was here… about to meet Oprah!

I heard a knock on my dressing room door. It was HER! I let out an over-excited greeting of “Hiii! It’s so good to meet you!” I put my hand out in a foreign sort of way, waiting for her to shake it; or possibly slap it away and call me an impostor.

She didn’t do either.

She gave me a hug and said it was an honor to meet me. She said she couldn’t wait to talk with me about my book!

Oprah was even better in person than on T.V.

She was warm and inviting, down-to-earth and engaging. She asked good questions and made sure I was comfortable with all the topics we’d be covering.

When she left my dressing room, it felt like I had just reconnected with a life-long friend. An incredibly awesome life-long friend.

The interview went swimmingly. My ego loved it, of course. I cried at one point. But ultimately a deeper part of me was saying: good job. I knew you could do it. I’m proud of you.

It was all an enormous dream come true and I didn’t want it to end…

Dinner was burning on the stove and my 6-year-old was pulling on my sleeve.

I had been feeling irritable before my daydream about Oprah, but I couldn’t remember the reason.

Did it matter? No. My daydream helped me shift into a happier, more connected, and excited state of BEing.

Here’s 10 reasons why…

10 Benefits of Daydreaming

1. You create reality with your mind. Daydreams play a very important role in the creation of that reality.

2. You’re told to stop daydreaming and pay attention. Daydreaming IS paying attention.

3. Daydreaming wakes you up to your deepest desires and invites you to cast visions!

4. Daydreams give you a place to explore what excites and scares you. You get to “try on” different scenarios and give your soul a chance to weigh in on the subject before making any big decisions.

5. Allowing yourself to follow through on your daydreams is essential to making your dreams come true and creating your own reality. (See #1)

6. Unlike your subconscious nighttime dreams, your daydreams require little to no interpretation or memory recall. You usually know exactly what your daydreams mean and where they are going from the very beginning.

7. Daydreaming gives the mind, body, and soul a break from the hard work, busyness, and decisions of daily life. It has similar benefits to meditation: relaxation, openness, connection, inspiration, joy, peace…

8. The mind automatically turns to daydreaming when it needs a break. Let it have a break!

9. Like the growling of a hungry stomach or tired child, daydreams demand your attention. It’s a primal part of healthy, creative brain function.

10. Even when your daydreams are working out a conflict, giving them time to play out will help you feel more resolved and give you a stronger sense of what direction to take.

Victor Hugo said it best:

“Thought is the labor of the intellect, reverie is its pleasure.”

May you always keep the door open to daydreaming and reverie.

They are sunshine in the garden of life.

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