This curated collection of free online mindfulness videos are here to help walk you back home to yourself. Through down-to-earth teachings and heartfelt guidance, learn to connect with the stillness already inside you, while releasing mental, emotional and physical patterns that keep you feeling stuck and anxious.

Freedom is yours. Let’s find it together!

xo – Jessica

There is no right way to meditate, which means there’s no wrong way to meditate. You are free to just BE.

How to Reparent Yourself

+ shadow work practice for inner child healing

Healing From Heartbreak

+ your heart can’t be broken, it’s your stories that are being broken

How to Listen to Your Intuition

+ this will improve your life + relationships exponentially

Consciousness vs. Personal Growth

+ why being “woke” + aware isn’t enough



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How People Pleasing Hurts You + Others

+ losing trust in your relationships

Create Better Relationships

+ five ways to teach people how to treat your better

How to Stop Worrying

+ start dreaming of possible future fortune + goodness

How to Let Go of Resentment

+ practice for not feeling so angry + disappointed


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