These free online meditation videos are here to help walk you back home to yourself. Through mindful teachings and heartfelt guidance, learn to connect with the stillness already inside you, while releasing mental, emotional and physical patterns that keep you feeling stuck and anxious. Freedom is yours. Let’s find it together!

xo – Jessica

“There is no right way to meditate, which means there’s no wrong way to meditate. You are free to just BE.” -Jessica Amos

Meditation for Coronavirus Anxiety

+ guided breath practice for stress

Loving Touch Meditation

+ guidance for when you need physical touch

Release Attachments Meditation

+ cord-cutting practice for energy release

Gratitude Meditation

+ present-moment body awareness practice

Protect Your Energy Meditation

+ heart-centered light work for expansion

Want more guidance? Here’s a gentle online program you can do from home…

Learn to meditate and deepen your meditation practice in 8-weeks with this meditation e-course. From the comfort of your own home you will learn mindfulness practices for deep healing, wholeness, and self-compassion, all while establishing a sustainable meditation practice. Feel lighter, more grounded and connected to yourself with the weekly guided meditations,  journaling prompts and real-life practices.

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