Stories from the Dark Side was created as a way for people to come together and talk about subjects and/or experiences that are uncouth or culturally looked down upon. This sort of storytelling allows others to acknowledge their own hidden experiences without judgment. Telling true stories about difficult or rebellious things fosters empathy between the storyteller and listener. Storytelling sheds light on the truth that none of us are alone in our humanity.

Each event consists of eight storytellers who are given a prompt only hours before the event, giving them little time to prepare. The only parameter is the story must be true and focus on a gritty, uncomfortable, or secret side of the storyteller’s personal experience (aka: dark side).

Previous Shows & Themes

From 30+ storytellers circa 2014...

April 24, 2014 :: Falling Apart

May 29, 2014 :: Gone for Good

June 26, 2014 :: Lost & Alone

December 4, 2014 :: Happiest Time of the Year


Many storytellers who get on stage at these events have expressed a deep feeling of catharsis after telling their stories. Audience members have expressed an equal feeling of healing through the processing of listening and witnessing others.

Here are some of the stories bravely told in April, May & June 2014 at our Stories from the Dark Side events in Salem, Oregon…

Rob the Bartender | Falling Apart | April 2014

Jessica Amos | Falling Apart | April 2014

Doug Hoffman | Falling Apart | April 2014

Dixie Licorice | Gone For Good | May 2014

Adam Gallardo | Gone For Good | May 2014

Meghan Donahue | Gone For Good | May 2014

Jared Richard | Gone For Good | May 2014

Danielle Baca | Gone For Good | May 2014

Brian Hines | Gone For Good | May 2014

Rob the Bartender | Gone For Good | May 2014

Melanie Zermer | Lost & Alone | June 2014

Tammy McCammon | Lost & Alone | June 2014

Liam Riddell | Lost & Alone | June 2014

Naseem Rakha | Lost & Alone | June 2014

Lisa Godwin | Lost & Alone | June 2014