This Protect Your Energy meditation focuses on light as your primary energy source. You will be guided through visualizations for expanding your inner light as a source of protection against outside forces.


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Protect energy with this guided meditation that focuses on light expansion through visualization and body grounding practices.

You give and receive energy in all kinds of ways – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. If you’re not mindful of your energy levels you can become easily drained. When this happens, you unconsciously stifle your energy by shutting down and making yourself small.

Whether it’s your own energy or energy coming at you from outside, you can protect your energy and stay centered no matter the circumstances. Protect Energy meditation can be done at anytime and will transform your life with on-going practice.

When you download this meditation, you are inviting new ways of BEing into your life every time you listen.

NOTE: This meditation is for all experience levels. The first half guides you into a desired state of BEing, while the second half provides an opportunity for you to practice without guidance.

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” –Deepak Chopra

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