This Grounded in Love meditation helps bring you into an expansive state of Love energy. You are made of Love. You come from Love. Love is at the core of your BEing. It is your birthright, your essence. You are deeply loved and cared for. Always. Feel it now.


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This Grounded in Love meditation helps you access the love already inside you. Learn to give and receive love with openness, acceptance and generosity.

It all starts with loving yourself and extending that love to the world around you. You will feel deeply connected to yourself and other after listening to this love meditation.

When you download this meditation, you are inviting new ways of BEing into your life every time you listen.

NOTE: This mediation is for all experience levels. The first half guides you into a desired state of BEing. The second half provides an opportunity for you to practice without guidance.

“The journey isn’t about becoming a different person, but loving who you are right now.” –Suzanne Heyn

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