This Inner Peace meditation is also known as The Lake meditation. Through visualization and guided imagery you will find stillness within your heart, body and mind. You will learn how to access the deep inner peace and stillness available to you in every moment.


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This Inner Peace meditation shows you that stillness is at your center and guides you in how to access it through beauty. You will learn to separate your BEing-ness from your busy thoughts and mental overload. Connect with a deep sense of inner peace and learn to access it at all times, no matter the circumstances. Peace is available to you in every moment, always.

When you download this meditation, you are inviting new ways of BEing into your life every time you listen.

NOTE: This mediation is for all experience levels. The first half guides you into a desired state of BEing. The second half provides an opportunity for you to practice without guidance.

“Peace comes from within; don’t seek it without.” –Buddha

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