Learn to meditate and deepen your meditation practice in 8-week with this self-paced online course. You will experience a soul-care journey of continuous support and guidance as you make your way back home to yourself through meditation. From the comfort of your own home you will be led through mindfulness practices and exercises that promote deep healing, wholeness, wisdom, and self-acceptance all while establishing a sustainable meditation practice. These peaceful weekly guided meditations and insightful journaling prompts will leave you feeling lighter, more grounded and connected to yourself, and better equipped to live a life of deep inner peace. When you learn to meditate, you learn to live from your peaceful center.

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“Learn to meditate. It’s fun. It will give you a strong, wonderful mind.” –Frederick Lenz


This course used to be run as a live course that is now self-paced. Some of the content still references aspects of the live version. This will have no impact on the guided content or your experience of the course. My deepest hope is that by offering a self-paced version of this course you will find even more freedom and connection to a meditation practice that is truly all your own. Enjoy!


This self-paced meditation e-course is for anyone who wants to learn to meditate and/or deepen their current meditation practice. It’s broken into an 8-week format that’s simple and easy to follow. Each week consists of a daily meditation for the week, supportive journaling prompts, and additional meditative exercises to help you expand your practice and create an overall sense of peace in your everyday life. Your first week will focus on Posture & Breath, setting a good foundation for Clearing Internal Space in the second week. In week three you will focus on Ritual & Mantra before moving into Love & Light in week four. Week five will be dedicated to Gratitude & Joy which will prepare you to dig deeper into Befriending Yourself in the sixth week. In the seventh week you will learn to connect with our Deep Wisdom and intuition. For the final week you will bring it all together for a lovely Homecoming where you will feel more intimately connected with yourself.

This course was designed to progress slowly and gently, with no outside pressure or judgment. By the end of the eight weeks you will have established a strong meditation practice that brings a deep sense of healing, wholeness, self-acceptance, and love into your life. All the meditations and exercises are available to you at once, which gives you freedom to move through the course as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. The weekly meditations are also be available to download, helping to provide as little outside distraction as possible.


:: Soulful themes and guided meditations
:: Insightful journaling prompts
:: Downloadable MP3s of weekly meditations
:: Extra goodies for support & inspiration
:: Access to a private Facebook group
:: A downloadable e-book of the entire course

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” -Pema Chödrön


Week 1: Posture & Breath

Week 2: Clearing Internal Space

Week 3: Mantra & Ritural

Week 4: Gratitude & Joy

Week 5: Love & Light

Week 6: Befriending Yourself

Week 7: Deep Wisdom

Week 8: Coming Home


This course is for anyone and everyone. Whether you have never meditated before, have already established a strong meditation practice, or fall somewhere in between, this course will meet you where you are at. This is all about you and what you need. You are encouraged to make weekly meditation practices your own. This is for you and only you. You decided how, when, where, and why you meditate. There is infinite freedom and acceptance for you here. Come as you are and make use of what’s offered in whatever way is best for you. You are valuable and worthy of loving yourself through meditation.


:: Establish a consistent meditation practice
:: A strong sense of peace, joy and freedom
:: Self-acceptance, love and grace
:: Healing, wholeness, and connection to your deepest self
:: Positive self-care routine that leaves you feeling replenished
:: Greater understanding for yourself and others

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