“I have been enjoying the time I have set aside to meditate and find myself craving it. Recently I was at work, which has been increasingly stressful, and about five things were coming at me all at once. I started to panic a bit and then I heard Jessica’s gentle voice in my head…breathe. So, I stopped for a moment, closed my computer and took a few deep breaths. Such a simple act and it helped so much. What an incredible victory. I am also SO thankful for the journal prompts. I used to write all the time and have gotten away from it. The prompts have been a shot in the arm to get back to it and it has been so wonderful. Thank you!” –Jodie C.

“I love this course! It’s exactly what I needed.!” –Emma P.

“Jessica’s Stay With Yourself Meditation E-couse is a source of comfort, reprieve, reassurance, joy, and self-acceptance. Her nurturing, knowledgeable, and light-hearted approach was something that I looked forward to every week. She constantly reminded us that it was OUR course, and that moving at our own pace was essential and encouraged. This allowed me to find my own rhythm, and develop a pressure-free, yet solid foundation to more fully integrate meditation and compassionate mindfulness into my life. I am not only proud of Jessica’s accomplishments as an instructor and guide, but also as an example of how to live life full-heartedly. I highly recommend this wonderful encapsulation of information, guidance, and encouragement. ” –Emily D.

“Jessica has created a powerful course weaving meditation and self-exploration. Weekly videos and guided visualizations, journaling prompts, and a private online community provide the framework for eight weeks of steady and gentle growth. Jessica’s use of storytelling and her invitation to explore one’s own stories set the stage for developing a wonderful practice of meditation and self-care.” –Michelle GD

“Thank you, Jessica, for this course. It has been especially helpful in calming my crazy thoughts and getting them out of my head. I have loved this meditation journey and couldn’t think of a better person to be my guide!!” –June S.

“When I signed up for the E-Meditation Course, I was open to the experience. However, what happened and continued to occur, internally, week after week, was beyond any realized expectation. Like the proverbial peeling of the onion, a deeper layer of my psyche was being penetrated with crystal clear awareness. Exploring these internal depths has assisted in furthering my personal growth and healing processes. Jessica’s guided meditations are a gentle and effective approach towards self-discovery and realization. I was so greatly impressed by the course, that I’ve enrolled for the next, in order to continue the momentum. I have and will continue to recommend Jessica’s Meditation classes to others. It is a highly valued, priceless endeavor and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.” –Jamie S.

“Once I started week one of this e-course, I immediately began to walk with ease, breathe through difficult times, and feel more in control of my thoughts. I stumbled through, as a beginner should, but I didn’t let that bother me because the one thing that really becomes so important from the beginning of this course is to be kind, loving, patient, and gentle with yourself. All eight weeks were wonderful. I have never before encountered versions of myself outside of my body. I have never seen myself in so many different ways and parts. To reconnect with me, the real me – my soul self – is truly what I needed most. Jessica, THANK YOU for sharing your meditation practice with me. I am eternally grateful.” -Lyndsey J.

“The meditations in this course have been very helpful. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am trying to get in touch with myself and I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this point in my journey. This course has helped me let things unfold in their own time and has allowed me to experience deeper healing. Thank you so much!” –Amy

“I have truly enjoyed this meditation course. Jessica’s guided meditations have brought up so many emotions in me. Self-work can be hard, but so empowering. What I really like about the course is that I can do it at my own pace. I deeply appreciate that I can do one meditation for two weeks if I need to, and then move on. It really does come full circle. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your gift. I appreciate your authenticity, heartfelt words, and inner wisdom. I think everyone should take the course! It really could help so many people.” –Maria H.

“The Stay With Yourself e-course was (and still is) a powerful resource for me. I am a fairly experienced meditator, having attended several-day silent retreats, taken classes, and maintained a practice intermittently for several years. Jessica’s course is absolutely wonderful in its teachings and guided meditations, but offers much more. It provides a plethora of tools to take beyond the sitting meditation and incorporate into everyday life. Jessica provides a selection of activities that expands on each week’s theme, which gives each person the option to select and personalize their practice. Another unique and fantastic aspect of this course is the community that develops over the eight weeks. For those of us who thrive on connection, there is a bounty of other souls who are open and willing to share, listen, and support during our collective journeys. That said, the solitary practitioner is supported as well, and there is no pressure to participate in the online group discussions. I am so thankful that I enrolled. Stay With Yourself helped me grow and become a better person. I look forward to enrolling in ‘Stay With Yourself, Part II’ someday!” –Karen H.

“I have been in therapy for ten years, dealing with trauma, difficult deep-set issues, and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Initially I enrolled in Stay With Yourself not in response to any of those problems, but because it sounded like a good way to incorporate meditation into my busy life without having to be anywhere to attend a scheduled class. In that way, Stay With Yourself was a godsend–my expectations were fully met and I am happy to report that I’m actually meditating and engaging in the helpful suggested activities that Jessica provides. However, the pivotal benefits of the SWY e-course were greater than I ever would have imagined. I had a two-month break from my therapy sessions that happened to coincide with Jessica’s course. My first therapy session back, my psychologist was amazed at the progress I had made over those two months. “To what do you attribute your progress?” she asked me. To me, the answer was obvious–Stay With Yourself. I became more perceptive and open to understanding my issues, I was able to find forgiveness more easily, and compassion for others (even those who had hurt me) came more easily. In addition, my ADHD symptoms have been less debilitating, most likely from the more regular meditation practice that I have been encouraged to maintain through the course. I give my highest recommendation to Jessica Amos’ Stay With Yourself E-course for anyone who is committed to making positive, lasting, and meaningful changes in their life.” –Anonymous

“Jessica’s guided meditations have been very helpful to me during a difficult time in my life and have provided a wonderful sense of tranquility. I have a more positive attitude toward myself and a very nice sense of knowing there is a place I can go to get back in balance as needed. A big shift has been appreciation of the parts of me that work rather than focusing on the painful places and improved ability to meditate independently. I love having the meditations in my ‘toolbox’ of wellness.” –Steve Rosen

“As a Soul Decent, Jessica put me at ease with her kind smile and gentle demeanor. She asked poignant questions and waited patiently for me to describe all the things those questions stirred up. She guided me by pulling at the tangled strings and knots that had been wadded up inside of me. Jessica provided a safe atmosphere for them to breathe, grow, and find definition, allowing me to experience as sort of inner unraveling. As a result my own story is more clear and my sense of purpose is formulating.” –Yvonne M.

“The meditations in this course have been very helpful. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am trying to get in touch with myself and I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this point in my journey. This course has helped me let things unfold in their own time and has allowed me to experience deeper healing. Thank you so much!” –Amy

“These half-day retreats gave me an opportunity to take time for myself in a way that never seems possible in my busy life. By getting ‘me time’ on the calendar, it helps me follow through on making self-reflection a priority.” –Evann R.

“Jessica uses very calming and thoughtful meditations that have been a good fit for me. She presents them confidently and has a very soothing way of speaking that helps me to stay focused on what she is saying. She provides a comfortable and safe environment where I feel I can take the time to really stay with myself.” –Rachel J.

“I found Jessica at a time in my life when change was an imperative. I was unsettled and just embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I felt I could tell Jessica anything – no matter how weird or complex. In the hour a week we spent talking and sharing, a new picture of myself and my life had a chance to emerge – one of a sane, balanced, insightful man appropriately grappling with issues and learning and growing from that; and moving towards a more authentic, actualized existence. That is worth its weight in gold. To feel okay, sane and myself when I also feel like none of those things are a step in finally seeing, getting to know and accepting myself. In essence, staying with myself. Thank you, Jessica, for giving me the tools for the journey and a place to feel at home and able to rest.” –Ben M.

“I absolutely loved Jessica’s retreat, it was a totally no pressure, relaxing introduction to meditation for me. She is like the good Martha Stewart of meditation, she thinks of everything, makes sure everyone is comfortable, and makes the day informative and wonderful.” –Susan M.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the half-day meditation retreat. One of the most powerful and exciting aspects for me was the walking meditation. The experience allowed me to be a kid again and not be scared of venturing out on my own. Everything seemed brighter and the smell in the air was awesome. I plan to attend another half-day meditation and bring my daughter as well.” –Anne Marie S.

“My favorite guided meditation is the Body Gratitude meditation. It is a great reminder that our bodies do so much for us, especially since we put them through so much. When I have negative feelings about my body, this guided meditation helps me take pause and be grateful for my healthy body instead of wishing unrealistic changes upon myself. Jessica does an amazing job of guiding students through the process of slowing down and focusing on ourselves. She is able to show students what they are capable of through her guided meditation.” –Sam R.