“To enter into the initiation of sound, of vibration, of mindfulness, is to take a giant step toward consciously knowing the soul.” -Don G. Campbell


The Gray Studio
393 State St, Suite 240
Salem, OR 97301



:: Friday, November 8 | 6:00-8:30 pm

Join Michael Steinke, Chantal Barton, and myself for this unique and cozy event  created to gently usher you into the Winter season with peace and calm.

Roll out your yoga mat and sink into this guided movement and meditation practice, fused with an incredible soundscape of healing instruments. Explore a creative yoga practice to warm and inspire your entire BEing, and discover a deep sense of peace and inner stillness through meditation in this cozy, candlelit atmosphere.

This Winter Yoga Experience starts with an all-levels, slow flow Vinyasa movement practice followed by a series of rich Yin Yoga poses. The evening closes with a beautiful time of guided meditation and visualization. Michael’s healing musical instruments (including two gongs) will be interwoven throughout the entire event, leaving you nourished, centered and full of bliss.

All skill levels welcome! Come as you are and just BE.

“The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest.” – Bruce Lee



MUSIC | Michael Steinke :: Sound Bathing + Yin Yoga

As a life long student of the healing arts I believe that within each of us exists the innate ability to heal ourselves and our surroundings. It is an ambition of mine to assist others in discovering and refining this ability. I am playful in my activities, utilizing and challenging my body in physical ways. In my classes I encourage practitioners to challenge their bodies physically to create strength, while surrendering to their energies, discovering openness. The mind is amazing. Led by imagination there is no limit to what we may experience.


MOVEMENT | Chantal Barton :: Slow Flow Vinyasa

Curiosity for movement after living a sedentary life for 24 years is what brought me to my first yoga class. That intrigue led me to a practice that continues to settle deeper into all aspects of my life. My enthusiasm for creative movement only continues to grow and I love bringing rhythm into classes that are influenced by this ancient and life-changing practice. My classes have a light-hearted atmosphere for you to practice tuning into the incredible intricacies of your own movement.


MEDITATION | Jessica Amos :: Guided Visualization

I believe meditation should be accessible for everyone, especially beginners or those who have trouble sitting in stillness with themselves. My aim is to help you connect with your true self through word pictures that foster physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. My greatest hope is for you to feel lighter, more grounded & connected to yourself after each meditation. Peace, clarity and joy are available to you in every moment.