A few months ago I decided to start following strangers on Facebook.

Not just any strangers – strangers who inspire me and add a bit of joy and inspiration to my day.

I figured it could only be a good thing, and if it wasn’t then I would abandon the task and go back to only following people I know.

One of the strangers I started following is Wild Rain and one of the first posts I read of hers was a quote by Jacob Nordby that went like this:

I need to be startlingly clear. This thing of finding your authentic voice, expressing your blessed weirdness and revealing your soul isn’t an elegant process. You don’t do it to be cool. It’s only real when it is ruthless, relentless and inevitable. But it is also a matter of personal and collective survival. Yes, it’s that important. You are that critical.”

I was immediately taken with my new stranger-friend and resolved that I had done the right thing by following complete strangers on Facebook.

Then, a few weeks ago, Wild Rain posted that she was sending out love-letters to her spirit-tribe… “real mail, as in a trip to the post office.”

She asked us to send her a message with our snail-mail address if we wanted in. Of course I wanted in and immediately gave her my mailing address. Though, I halfway expected nothing to come of it.

A few days later I got a hand-written card in the mail.

Not only was it a delight to receive REAL mail that wasn’t a catalog, credit card offer, or utility bill, it was the exact thing I needed that day.

I was coming off a rough week and was feeling anxious, stressed, and frustrated.

Buoyed by the surprise of finding a hand-addressed card in my stack of mail, I opened it right then, standing in front of my mailbox, and read these words:

Dearest Jessica,

As Summer melts into Fall, my favorite season, I begin to experience parallel shifts in my own life – intense, serious moments where it feels like the earth splits wide beneath my feet – and in this moment I am returning to my deepest truth – that I am loved. Not for what I do or don’t do. Not for what I accomplish or achieve, but because I am. And so I wanted to remind you, too, in case you need a gentle whisper today – beautiful Jessica, you are loved all the way through your blood + bones + cells + soul – just for (BE)ing you.

Warm hugs,


So, I pass this letter along to you that you might know this truth as well:

You – beautiful you – are loved all the way through your blood + bones + cells + soul – just for (BE)ing you.

{you can find more of Wild Rain’s wisdom Here}

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