These free guided meditations help you connect with the stillness already inside you. Listen to positive suggestions based on changes you want to make in your life.

There is space at the end of every guided meditation for you to sit in stillness with yourself. The reason for this is twofold. First, verbal prompts and visualization help you achieve a particular state of BEing, from which you can then meditate unguided. Second, after your mental and emotional state has been calmed, you can spend time listening to your own guidance and inner voice. Accessing your inherent stillness, listening to yourself and honoring your needs will serve you throughout your daily life.

When fear, anxiety and frustrations arise, a practice like this reminds you to come back yourself and the peace available to you in every moment.

Thank you for sharing your meditation practice with me.


“The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.” –David Lynch

Peaceful Sleep Meditation

Peaceful Sleep (Chakra) Meditation

Download this meditation here.

Empathy Meditation

Empathy / Loving Kindness Meditation

Download this meditation here.


Breathe Through Anxiety Meditation

Download this meditation here.

Kids in Nature Meditation

Kids in Nature Meditation Series

Listen to all 8 Kids In Nature meditations Here. Download all 8 meditations here for free.

Want more guidance? Here’s a gentle meditation course you can do from home…

Learn to meditate and deepen your meditation practice in 8-weeks with this meditation e-course. From the comfort of your own home you will learn mindfulness practices for deep healing, wholeness, and self-compassion, all while establishing a sustainable meditation practice. Feel lighter, more grounded and connected to yourself with the weekly guided meditations,  journaling prompts and real-life practices.

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