‘FUCK IT is a perfect spiritual expression for letting go, giving up control, and finding real freedom by realizing things aren’t nearly as urgent as we make them out to be.


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This challenge is for anyone who’s tired of over-thinking, playing small, and letting fear hold them back from showing up fully as themselves.

Together, we’ll call upon the powers of FUCK IT to lean into discomfort, break through limiting beliefs, and find out we’re free to BE ourselves without shame or judgement.

THE INTENTION of this challenge is to inspire freedom in others by setting ourselves free, together.

WHY THIS CHALLENGE :: I’ve been telling myself a story about how I can’t be both a meditation teacher + punk rocker… a gorgeous goddess + an ordinary human BEing. This is one of the ways I’m choosing to break through my own bullshit and find out ALL parts of me are free to play in this world.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE :: Post at least one photo, video, and/or Reel everyday of this challenge based on the day’s theme. Write a description of how you’re using the powers of FUCK IT to take back your own life.

DON’T FORGET to include #10dayfuckitchallenge in your post as well as tag @_jessica.amos_ so I can follow along!

CHALLENGE DATES :: Friday, March 5 – Sunday, March 14


Day 1 :: Wild & Messy
Day 2 :: Yes & No
Day 3 :: Pride & Ownership
Day 4 :: Raw & Unfiltered
Day 5 :: BIG & Bold
Day 6 :: Alter Ego
Day 7 :: Weird & Freaky
Day 8 :: Sensual & Sexy
Day 9 :: Ordinary & Mundane
Day 10 :: Silly & Playful

This challenge is YOURS. The daily themes + prompts are just a starting point. You know what you need to say FUCK IT to better than anyone else.

With allll the love in my punk rock heart, FUCK IT!

xo – Jessica