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Explore Your Heart

WRITING PROMPTS for Inner Clarity

1). Write a love letter from your future self to yourself now. What encouraging words + wisdom does your future self have to share?

2). Write a love letter from yourself now to your younger self. What does your younger self most need to hear?

3). If you felt completely free to be your authentic self (no holding back), how would your life be different? (Free write on this for 15-30 minutes)

4). What is going well in your life currently? What isn’t going well? What can you do to align yourself to what’s working and move away from what no longer serves you?

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Explore Yourself with Guided Meditation


A daily practice of listening to your inner wisdom helps you become familiar with your truest self. Trust your intuition, you will not be led astray. No matter the circumstances, you can live with ease. Watch your life open up and flow in alignment with your authentic nature through this practice. All the answers are inside you waiting to offer guidance. How is your life different when you trust you own sense of things and obey your inner heeding?

Do this practice every day for 21 days or more for optimal transformation.

Explore Your Mind

50 NON-FICTION BOOKS for Heartful Living

This list downloadable .pdf list of 50 Non-Fiction Books for Heartful Living was carefully curated from my personal book collection to help you on your journey back home to yourself, and your heart. If you’re like me, and love to learn + grow through reading, this list is for you!

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Explore Your Ability to Heal


This is my most popular video on YouTube — a simple visualization practice you can use to effectively heal yourself from past traumas and experiences. If you like it and want more, you can go deeper with my 12-Day Shadow Work ToolKit and 7-Day Inner Child Healing Course.

Explore Yourself in Community


As you embark on a journey of self-exploration, connect with like-hearted humans who are doing the same thing. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats and we’re all just walking each other home, there’s something to be said for not doing this alone. What better place to explore your inner world, and the emergence of your authentic self, than in an open, loving, and non-judgemental space?

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Explore Yourself with Daily Reminders

SCREENSAVERS for phone, tablet + desktop

There’s nothing better than a little unconscious and subliminal messaging in the form of digital imagery to help you remember to Stay with Yourself.

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