:: 10-Day Mindfulness Course on Insight Timer

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is with yourself.” -Steve Marble


Through heartfelt and conversational teachings, learn to be on your own side with love and compassion when a relationship in your life ends. Learn to honor your emotions, listen to your heart and trust yourself in the process. Some endings are your choice, some are mutually decided, and some are outside your control. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, this course encourages you and guides you through various aspects of the deep emotional work required to come through this life change with a greater sense of freedom and joy. You are not alone. No matter your circumstances, you will find kindness, love and support in this gentle 10 Day Mindfulness course for when relationships ends.

“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.” – Byron Katie






Lesson 1 :: Knowing When It’s Over

You don’t need to know where things are going. All you can do is listen to yourself, honor yourself, and show up as best you can with respect, kindness and love. Sometimes the end of a relationship is your choice, sometimes it’s not. Either way, you can trust the timing of things to unfold exactly as they need to for your higher good.

Lesson 2 :: Five Stages Of Grief & Loss

In today’s lesson we will discuss the five stages of grief and loss. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance exist on various levels when relationships end. For many there’s also feelings of shame, blame and resentment, directed towards ourselves and others. Whether you’re in the midst of an ending, at the beginning of an ending, or the ending has already taken place, it’s important to feel all your feelings and let your heart grieve the loss of relationship before you can move forward. Find a safe outlet and let your heart guide you.

Lesson 3 :: Fear Of Being Alone

It’s natural to struggle with questions about what life will be like after a relationship ends. Fear of being alone can often leave you feeling stuck in a relationship that’s not working. You are valuable and worthy of love, always. You are enough. Always. You deserve being in relationships that reflect this back to you. Don’t let fear of being alone hold you back from finding out how valuable and worthy of love you are.

Lesson 4 :: Embracing Change

Life is always changing. You are always changing. Others are always changing. Your relationships are always changing.The more you can embrace change and accept things as they are, life opens up and flows a bit easier. The only thing you have control over is yourself. Change is essential to growth and connection. Change is a normal part of life. It’s essential to growth, health and vitality.

Lesson 5 :: You Are Your Person

The only person who can give you what you need is You. Trust yourself and be on your own side. When you are centered, integrated and at peace with yourself, you can own your mistakes and your humanity as well as your kindness, goodness and loving intention. You do not need to earn love or belonging. It’s yours already. You are the person you are looking for.

Lesson 6 :: Acceptance & Releasing Attachment

Today’s lesson is about accepting others and circumstances as they are in this moment, and release your ideas about how you think things should be. When you release others from your expectations of how they should be and receive them at face value – for how they show up – you are free to choose what works for you without blame or resentment. When you don’t tie your well being to another person and how they choose to be, you find your freedom.

Lesson 7 :: Compassionate Boundaries

Compassionate boundaries are about honoring who you are by expressing what you need and want with kindness. Boundaries are about being clear on what’s important to you in your relationships. You are responsible for how you show up and fulfill your own needs.

Lesson 8 :: How To Have Difficult Conversations

You might be scared of conflict and showing up with your true heart, especially if you feel unsure of yourself, or you are afraid of how the other person will respond to your vulnerability. You might fear rejection and loss of connection. The best you can do is show up, do your best and trust that it’s enough. Get clear on yourself and own what’s going on with You. Use “I” statements, practice boundaries, and give yourself permission to walk away if the other person doesn’t play nice.

Lesson 9 :: Your Desire Is Your Prayer

To be alive is to be full of desire, longing, passion, and want. Your heart knows what’s best for you and will not lead you astray. Your heart knows the truth about you. You are valuable, just as you are. Find trust within yourself and trust where your heart and desires are leading you.

Lesson 10 :: Freedom & Big Joy

Relationships end so we can grow. Let your heart guide you into freedom and Big Joy! Rebirth, new beginnings, fresh opportunities are waiting for you. It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to awaken to yourself, your heart, your passions, and desires, and make the changes necessary to connect with the Big Joy already inside you. Show up for yourself. Be on your own side. Freedom and Joy are yours.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha




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