:: 10-Day Mindfulness Course on Insight Timer

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.” -John Lubbock

summer slowdown


Through easy, heartfelt and conversational teachings, learn to connect deeply with the summer season and see it as an invitation to slowdown and relax. Summer is a wonderful time of manifestation and fulfillment. Everything you’ve been putting your energy toward and working on for the past year will arrive to you during the summer season in joyful and unexpected ways. Learn to focus on the fire energy of your heart as you expand and explore your inner and outer world through summer slowdown.




“I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.” – Kellie Elmore


Lesson 1 :: Active Energy

Summer energy is fiery and active. It’s a time of fulfillment and manifestation, exploration and discovery. Learn to work with the yang energy of the summer season with a sense of lightness and fun. Everything you’ve been working on throughout spring is becoming more real. Allow yourself to be swept up and carried by summer’s quick yet laid back forward motion.

Lesson 2 :: Expansive Pace

The hot days of summer invite you to expand, explore, and melt into the flow of life without resistance. Coming into alignment with summertime means seeking opportunities to rest and slow down. Let yourself explore with a sense of ease and softness during this fiery season.

Lesson 3 :: Warm Weather

Warm summer weather is an invitation for you to slow down, rest, and be. As temperatures rise, our bodies and minds begin to slow down. This is a time to accept the weather for what it is, absorb the fire energy of the summer season and seek relaxing ways to cool off. Learn to enjoy summer weather and let it soften you – mind, body, heart, and soul.

Lesson 4 :: Inner Work

Summertime is a fiery season that invites you to connect more deeply with your heart, which is associated with fire and sun. Learn to listen to your heart, follow your joy, engage your curiosity and expand in self-awareness. Listen to your desires and let them guide you during this light-filled and energetic time.

Lesson 5 :: Outer Work

In this lesson you will learn that summer is a time for boldness and self-expression. The inner work you are doing around listening to your heart provides a wonderful opportunity for you to act in accordance with what you hear. Speak up, take action, go for what you want, and trust the energy of the summer season to support and uplift you as you expand.

Lesson 6 :: Feeding Your Body

During summer our bodies need fresh foods in smaller portions. Take advantage of the abundance of the season and local farmer’s markets to cool your body and keep it feeling light through the warm and active days of summertime. And, as always, listen to what you body needs at this time.

Lesson 7 :: Moving Your Body

Today you will learn easy ways to move your body during the summertime. It’s an active and vigorous season that invites you to move with ease because your body is already warmed up. You can explore new forms of movement without too much strain. It’s also important to find ways to help your body stay cool and light through a slow movement practice during this heartful season.

Lesson 8 :: Fire Element Meditation

This short, guided practice focuses on your heart center and the fire element associated with summer. Feed the fire of your heart and body through deep breathing and feel yourself expand as you become like the sun. You are full of light. Radiate outward.

Lesson 9 :: Nature’s Example

Learn to look to nature’s example on how to slow down and come into alignment with the summer season. Engage with the energy of fulfillment and manifestation, as well as ease and beingness by going outside and observing what nature has to teach you about yourself as a part of the natural world.

Lesson 10 :: Embracing Summer

In this final lesson you will learn to fully embrace the summer season and see it as an invitation to slow down and rest in the stillness of your heart, mind, soul, and body. When you learn to find stillness in the midst of so much activity and doing, you discover the stillness that’s available to you in every moment. May you enjoy slowing down this summer as you come into alignment with your natural rhythms.




“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James

Kind Words About This Course…

“I found this course to be so delightful. Summer is my second favorite season compared to Fall. Jessica, thank you for your enthusiasm, your sense of humor, and your passion for every course you teach!” –Judy

“I’m one of those ‘running hot all year round’ persons. Even in Winter I’m warm and wearing Summer shirts. Summer to me is not really an enemy, but more like an adversary, challenging me from time to time. Physically, but most of all mentally. Because when it gets hot, I tend to go into ‘Noooooo’ mode and ‘I don’t want this!’ mode. This year, thanks to your lessons, that hasn’t happened. Even though we’re having a heat wave right now in The Netherlands, I’m kind of cool with it, not resisting. Not jumping for joy either, but a truce is so much better than a battle. Thank you!” –Anita

“Thank you, Jessica, I am looking forward to repeating the course as many times as necessary :) It definitely makes me feel more grounded, and pulls me from my current realities, into a new reality that feels lighter, and more appreciative of the seasons. It can be so easy feeling stuck, and upset with the weather. Thank you for helping me feel lighter and happier with any season that comes!” –Alanna

“Thank you so much,Jessica, for making my Summer even warmer.” –Razen S.

“Such a positive, inspiring and uplifting course! Perfect for the Summer season. I’m so happy to have these seasonal courses to listen to again and again, as each season rolls around.” –Kathy

“Thank you, Jessica, for another brilliant course! I love your take on the seasons, especially the Summer which you describe as a time of super activity and super rest. Your course has been instrumental in allowing myself to be and rest in the eye of the storm.” –Jonathan

“Mmmmm, Summer. My fave! I’m enjoying the concept of ‘slowing down’ this Summer; with the longer days I usually feel quite the opposite – ‘go go go’. During this time of Coronavirus and the many restrictions of wearing masks and social distancing, this concept is coming at the perfect time! Thanks so much for sharing and Namaste, my friend!” –Renee