:: 30-Day Mindfulness Course


Through the heartfelt and conversational teachings encapsulated in this 30-day course, learn to connect with yourself and the present moment without getting caught up in feelings of fear and anxiety. Learn to experience the present moment as a safe place. Drop mental judgments, projections and ruminations about the past and future. Live with a deep sense of peace, clarity, and joy at all times. Practice presence in everyday life through non-judgment, acceptance and compassion. May you stay with yourself today, and always.


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Lesson 1 :: Joy

Take time today, in each moment, to touch base with your true nature – with how you came into the world as a young BEing – and how you are wired for joy and delight. There is something delightful to find in every moment. Find wonder. Allow yourself to be curious and excited today.

Lesson 2 :: Body

Your body is a gift. Your heart beats for you, and only you, in the present moment. Today, you will come to understand that your body is your ally and friend in the present moment. It’s been with you since the day you were born and will be with you until the end. Leave your mind to rest and listen to your body today.

Lesson 3 :: Beginner’s mind

The present moment offers you an opportunity to have a new experience of yourself, and your life. Every moment is being born, re-born and born again. In lesson 3, let go of how you think things should be and experience life with fresh eyes. May you enjoy being a beginner today in everything you do. “In the beginner’s mind there are endless possibilities, but in the experts are few.” (Shunryu Suzukiz).

Lesson 4 :: Inner Wisdom

What feels best for you in this moment? In today’s session we focus on coming to the understanding that each moment is a choice. Be aware of what you need and want – what would bring you the most joy and lightness today. Let you inner wisdom guide you according to your higher good. You will not lead yourself astray. Start where you are and listen to you deepest needs and desires.

Lesson 5 :: Not Knowing

On Day 5, we will discuss how you can practice being open to not knowing what’s going to happen in the future, and trust you’ll know what to do when the times comes. You’ve got your own back. Receive this moment as it is. This moment tells you everything you need to know to make whatever decision is best for you. Relax into not knowing, and trust what comes from moment to moment.

Lesson 6 :: Flow

Today, we focus on the concept of “Flow.” See the beauty of what is flowing in each moment. Be at one with yourself and the flow of life. Pay attention to your pace today as you honor your natural rhythms. This moment is like no other, flowing like a river. Use flow awareness as an opportunity to be more present.

Lesson 7 :: Self

You are valuable and worthy of love. You are good. You always have been. There is an exactness to you like no other. Honor yourself and your needs today. You are your greatest friend and ally every moment of every day. Be present with yourself.

Lesson 8 :: Peace

In today’s lesson, we focus on letting peace surround you, and bring you back into the present moment. Allow your body, mind, and heart to be at peace today. Here you are, where you ought to be, in this peaceful, present moment. Allow inner peace to expand inside you and beyond.

Lesson 9 :: Gratitude

Anoint this present moment with gratitude. Everything comes to you as either Friend or Teacher. Practice gratitude for your life today. Whatever you are doing, scatter your gratitude. Give thanks with each breath, for every moment of aliveness. May you feel deep gratitude today.

Lesson 10 :: Grace

Grace is about lightness, gentleness and ease. Let things be good enough today. Have grace for your emotions, needs, desires and contradictions. Be gracious with yourself and your expectations. Be open to letting go what doesn’t need to get done. Be soft with yourself and life today.

Lesson 11 :: Receiving

Today, we will focus on the importance of giving yourself permission to receive. Receive the love, healing and acceptance that comes your way. Your desire is your prayer. Be open to receiving what you need in an unexpected way. Receive this moment feely and openly. Over time, this practice will create a deeper sense of safety, wellness and love throughout your life.

Lesson 12 :: Offering

Offer from your heart and truest self. Let love, joy and peace flow freely through you today. You will find enormous joy and freedom when you offer from a place of centeredness without holding back, allowing yourself to be seen and known for you who truly are.

Lesson 13 :: Nature

Be present with nature and go at nature’s pace today. Let the natural world inform your inner perspective and approach to life. Nature is your greatest teacher when it comes to being fully present and learning to accept each moment, and yourself, without judgment.

Lesson 14 :: Listening

Listen to understand, not to respond. Through deep listening, you will pick up on the deeper meaning of what you hear. If you want to be heard and understood, you must first listen and understand. Today, practice stillness from within, suspend mind chatter, and allow yourself to listen without pressure to respond. You’ll be amazed what you discover.

Lesson 15 :: Calm

It’s okay to be happy with a calm life. Receive and accept things as they come, while remaining calm. Give yourself the gift of a calm life. Breathe into each moment, release frenzy, and respond to life’s demands with a sense of peace and calm. This moment is enough. Always.

Lesson 16 :: Movement

On Day 16 we discuss how you can allow movement of your body to bring you into the present moment. Invite your body to be a grounding point in the present moment. Move away from the mind and in to awareness of how you move through the world today.

Lesson 17 :: Stillness

Rest in stillness and silence today. You are not empty. You are full of space. Let your thoughts and emotions flow in, and back out, uncovering the deep stillness at your center. Let you mind and heart clear, leaving a deep sense of peace and calm.

Lesson 18 :: Time

The present moment is timeless. There is no past or future in the present moment. Step outside of time by being present in this moment. Drop the illusion of time. Be here, right now, with expansive freedom.

Lesson 19 :: Routine

Create more expansion and freedom for yourself through your routines and habits. Create a life that supports present moment awareness. Your habits and routines can be an act of love and support in your desire to be more present, conscious and aware from moment to moment.

Lesson 20 :: Acceptance

Accept what’s happening in the present moment with ease and freedom today. Observe what’s going on around you, without attachment. Accept what comes, with curiosity and understanding. Find deeper peace, ease and lightness through acceptance of the present moment, as it is.

Lesson 21 :: Beauty

Let beauty stun you out of your distractions today and into the present moment. There is beauty in everything, everywhere. Beauty lives inside you. Notice and delight in all of this sheer beauty around you, here and now.

Lesson 22 :: Letting Go

Today, we learn to release control over life and allow each moment to arrive freely. Move forward without getting stuck in the drama of your thoughts, emotions and attachments. Do your best to be honest and conscious with yourself and others, and let the rest go. When you release your attachments, you gain your freedom.

Lesson 23 :: Suspending Outcome

Suspend your worries and ideas about possible future outcomes. Show up. Ask. Be honest with yourself and others. Open your heart. What is meant for you is unstoppable and will find its way to you. Trust in the enoughness of the present moment.

Lesson 24 :: Progress

You are awake. You are growing. You are healing. You are finding ways to be more present with yourself and others with more kindness. As you grow in consciousness, you become more centered in yourself, your BEingness, and the present moment. Honor yourself today.

Lesson 25 :: Ordinariness

Today we focus on learning to practice presence through conscious decision-making in the seemingly ordinary moments of your life. You get to choose how delightful each moment can be. Feel a sense of joy in the small, ordinary details of your life today.

Lesson 26 :: Non-Judgment

Practice non-judgment and acceptance of self as a way of approaching the world more freely and openly today. Each moment arrives innocently, to be loved, appreciated and seen by you. It’s what you do with your judgment from moment to moment that matters most.

Lesson 27 :: Observation

On Day 27, we set the intention to take life out of the box and allow ourselves to observe without labeling or trying to understand. Notice what’s happening around you, look at it, experience it. Release what you think you know so you can truly know things for what they are.

Lesson 28 :: Creativity

Be lighthearted and playful today. Let loose and enjoy each moment. Engage with your inner playfulness and creativity. Get lost in what you are doing. Be fully present in joyful, creative activity.

Lesson 29 :: ALL

Feel the fullness of each moment. Be aware of how everything is happening all at once in this moment. We are all in this together. Feel your oneness with everything. All is well.

Lesson 30 :: BEing

Taking time to BE, allows your heart to speak from your deep wisdom. You can then take action and make decisions with clarity and purpose from moment to moment. This will naturally guide you toward the fulfillment of our deepest desires. BE present today and every day, enabling you to effortlessly find a sense of peace and centeredness in all you do.


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  • 30 Audio Lessons
  • Course Classrooms
  • Community Conversations
  • Workbooks + Toolkits
  • Guest Teachers
  • Option to connect with people who are like-hearted and exploring these topics

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