Jessica Amos Meditation

“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” -Rumi

Jessica Amos Meditation


Venturing into the world of meditation isn’t glamorous or easy. It takes time, patience, and a willingness to sit with imperfections. I tried meditating on and off for years before a friend told me about the Oprah-Deepak 21 Day Meditation Challenge. It was just what I needed – a little guidance to get me started.

Worlds started to open up inside me. I discovered a band of rag-tag selves who were ready to start talking and taking up space in the world. My mind and body started up animated conversations that opened up deep self-awareness and compassion.

It doesn’t matter how you get started. It just matters that you start. Five minutes might be all you can handle at first. That’s okay. Go gently and seek guidance and support wherever you can. I look forward to exploring the great stillness with you!


1. Start Small. Sit in silent meditation for 5 minutes once a day. Voila! You’re meditating.

2. Go Gently. Meditation is very forgiving and doesn’t require you to have it all together before you start. We wouldn’t need meditation if we had it all figured out.

3. Befriend Yourself. Imagine you are sitting across from an old friend who just happens to be you. Check in with yourself – how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking. Listen to what you have to say.

4. Breathe. Imagine your body as a balloon you are filling with air. With every in-breath you expand and with every out-breath you release tension.

5. Be Where You Are. Thoughts + emotions come up for even the most adept students. Acknowledge the thoughts and let them pass through like wind in your hair.

6. Write It Down. Journaling is a great way to get the inner noise out of your head and onto paper. This simple practice clears tons of space for deeper listening + stillness.

7. Go For A Walk. You don’t have to sit in a dark room with candles + mantras to meditate. Take a nature walk and let the trees be your example.

8. Listen. Download a few guided meditations online to give you guidance and get you started. (Check these out to get started).

9. Join A Community. Most cities are home to several meditation groups. They each offer a unique perspective and approach to meditation. Try them out and perhaps one will resonate.

10. Read. Buy a book on meditation/mindfulness to find ideas + inspiration to get you going. (Any book by Thich Nhat Hanh + The Mindfulness Code by Donald Altman are good).