“Don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence.” -Spanish Proverb

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1 to 4 hours

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Jessica Amos is a secular meditation teacher known for her non-judgmental nature, open-minded insights, real world leadership, and expansive knowledge of the human ability to self-heal. Blending teaching with powerful guided meditations, Jessica’s guest teaching sessions last anywhere from one to four hours and open audiences to new ideas and life-changing personal understanding.

Founder of Stay with Yourself: The Practice of Being Who You Are, Where You Are, Jessica has been leading others through mindfulness practices and guided meditations designed to create a life of deep peace, clarity and joy since 2012. Her expansive knowledge of human suffering and how to foster healing throughout mind, body and soul have established her as a leader at the forefront of the fast-growing meditation movement.

Jessica believes we are not stuck the way we are. Through science-based teachings, guided meditations, powerful visualizations, and mindfulness practices she teaches audiences worldwide how to change the stories they tell themselves so they can create positive, lasing changes for life.

With her practical mindfulness teachings, uplifting guided meditations, and down-to-earth relatability, Jessica will become a fan favorite at your conference or seminar.


:: Beyond Wrong-Doing and Right-Doing
:: Self-Understanding and Creativity
:: The Brain: Rewrite Your Story
:: The Body: Connection and Grounding
:: The Soul: Wisdom and Intuition
:: Healing Stress and Anxiety
:: Oxygen Mask Lifestyle
:: The Benefits of Daydreaming
:: The Present Moment is Enough, You Are Enough
:: Peace and Joy in Everyday life
:: Tapping into Your Personal Power
:: Your Thoughts Create Your Life